BuddyHR – A Dedicated Space to Manage Your Vacations & Leaves

BuddyHR: An Overview

BuddyHR provides you with a shared calendar of all your team's leaves and a Slack bot for the notifications and approvals involved. Most of the time people end up using a combination of Outlook, Messengers, various calendars, and something else for planning. BuddyHR is an HR management service that lets the team manage themselves in a fun and engaging way.

Reasons to Opt-in for BuddyHR?

Monitor Your Activities

You can see how many leaves you have taken and how many leaves you have left. You can efficiently plan out your leaves. Utilise and Plan your leaves.

Know About Your Team

See who is working and who is on leave. Calendar sync with the team members gives you an idea about others and yourself planning leaves so that you know whom you can count on and who can count on you.

Roam Duty-Free

Your colleagues, boss, and supervisors know when you are on leave because you have already planned it in your calendar. Your team knows that you have already applied for the leave or you have already planned so that the work is not disturbed when it comes to execution and distribution of the work.


How Does It work for Businesses?

Import Users Automatically

You can sign in using G Suite, Slack or Microsoft 365 to BuddyHR platform. It will automatically create your team, based on the information you have on that account and it will share the space with your team members

Add an Absence

You can add leaves to the calendar for the team, and you can plan a vacation too. Let your team members know all those information in advance. You can share your upcoming holidays, vacations or any trip with your team members in advance.

Lookout For The Result

You enter all the information you want to share with your employees or team members in advance. The team has all the information about leaves. On top of that, your team members or your employees can also do planning in advance so that other members know when they can count and whom to count on.

How Does It Work For Users?

Plan Your Vacation

Plan your vacation, Log in to BuddyHR and insert your dates from when you want to go on the vacation and when will you come back. Even if you are not sure about the dates, you can check the “not sure” button, and your absence will be marked as possible leaves.

Get Instant Approval

BuddyHR has seamless integration with email and Slack Bot. You boss or Team Leader can approve your leaves over email or Slack Bot instantly. They will receive instant notification about your leaves in BuddyHR so that they can take instant actions.

Pass Your Work

People you have selected to be your substitute will be notified in advance that they have been chosen as a substitute for you for the duration you are going on leave. They are notified via email about your leaves and invited to the discussion if they want to ask you anything so that the workflow doesn't get disturbed and your team members get more clarity on the project.


Benefits of BuddyHR

Easy & Automatic Leave Manager

BuddyHR is an easy and Simple but Powerful tool to automate and manage your leaves. It works fine with irrespective of the size of the team. You can create your account by logging into your G Suite, Microsoft 365 or Slack Account, it will create your team based on the information your account has in the system. You can start using it the moment you create your account on BuddyHR.

See The Whole Picture

BuddyHR provides a clear picture of leave status in your organization. There are a lot of calendars we use for scheduling our work and our leaves, we use all different calendars for all those activities whereas BuddyHR provides a one-stop solution to manage our leave at one place.

See Approval of The Leaves

You can set the organization hierarchy chart to make sure everyone follows the same hierarchy. Employees and Employers can see who approves the leaves. Employer and Employee get notified when and who approved or denied their leaves at one place.

See Where Your Team Members

Any user can share his/her vacation plans with the team members. While the user creates the leave, he/she can enter a location and he/she will be marked on the team’s Travel Map. You can see where your team members are and you can contact them for any help if needed or you can ask for advice when you visit the place your team members have already visited.


Slack & Email Integration

BuddyHR provides easy and simple integration for your slack and email. If you have signed up using your slack account or G Suite, you get notified instantly for any of your activities and you can respond to the notifications directly from slack or email.