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Starting up a printing business can prove quite cumbersome and drain out the investment if the requirements and specifications are not listed properly. More to that are the highly varied varieties of printing softwares available in the market, targeted towards various commercial and industrial printing businesses. One has to be highly definitive while choosing the best type of printing software well suited towards meeting out their business needs. Listed below are a few types of printing business softwares now in trend and are considered highly for getting that extra edge in the thriving economic scenario.

1. Print estimation software

Purpose: This software is mainly targeted towards calculation and accurate estimation of the costs and risk factors, the profits derived for the same coupled with unique and detailed invoice creation to facilitate correct pricing for your business.

Genres: The print estimation softwares are highly sustained by the various genres of commercial printing availabilities which are namely offset printing, digital printing, large and small format printing and the like.


The crucial factors which help you determine the best print estimation software for your kind of business are speed, great user interface for ease of navigation, excellent offset printing facilities, inventory and the like.

However, it is always better to consider these factors on an advanced scale and opting for softwares that provide the best of the above-mentioned facilities like real-time cost estimation and quality checks for best business results.

Also, make it essential to consider pricing analysis modules, project management lifecycles, supplier pricing facilities and performance tracking of the vendors – all coupled for the greater expertise of product delivery from the product requirements stage.

Print estimation softwares are available in basic to high-end quality systems and are suggested as per the business requirements and pricing specifications.

2. Web to print software

Purpose: This software is basically aimed at facilitating print business in a more statistical ecommerce market. What web to print software serves is to allow massive and large scale printing business expansion on a highly commercial level. Also, this stands to create more effective online solutions to ease up the existential criteria and facilitate direct cross-media marketing for the best results.

Genre: This type of software is highly crucial for commercial organizations to exemplify their design-oriented business needs on a comparatively large scale. Also, this software fits perfectly to offer offset printing and digital production, thus creating a comprehensive yet strategic business planning to thrive in the current economic market.


Web to print softwares usually caters to the commercial business needs and deals in business cards, graphically acclaimed printed materials, brochures and the like.

One excellent feature of the web to print software is their versatility in being available for various personalization opportunities for better design solutions.

The templates provided in web to print software are highly inclusive of WYSIWG features and are highly user-friendly with a simpler yet highly effective graphical user interface

Preferably available in a universal form with the essentials of variable data printing as well as static printing facilities thus enabling high-end user experience for easing the printing business at large.

3. Print MIS software

Purpose: Print MIS or specifically known as print management information software is basically designed to provide enhanced technical support and necessary information to keep the printing business abreast of the latest and advanced demands by the consumer.

Genre:  This software is considered highly essential for startups in printing business owing to the ability to introduce necessary plans and costs of production to facilitate greater financial growth in the current economic sector.


Print MIS software provides detailed financial and non-financial observations of the current market so that the user can effectively decide over the corresponding course of action for his print business

This software is highly obsessive of the throughput and maximum efficiency in measuring out the necessary KPIs for essential business activities

Also, it provides accurate cost estimates for the current production runs so as to ensure profitable and low-risk runs.

Print MIS possesses excellent user-friendly interface and provides added customization features coupled with the necessary technology to create perfect business standards in the print business.

4. Shipping software

Purpose: As the name suggests, shipping software provides for shipping of the print business products and is considered highly essential when it comes to generating crucial data regarding the progress of the output of the print business to the specific market arena.

Genre: Used for billing notifications, label- shipping, invoice creations and creation of lists of packages for being shipped to the corresponding address.


Shipping software provides for customization of the corresponding shipping profiles via third-party leverage or simply by blind shipping.

Accurate shipping costs incurred for a particular business transaction is generated effectively through this software

Always consider shipping softwares which offer dynamic estimations and Google maps facility so to keep high costs and risks at bay.

A great shipping software incorporates the facilities of high-end design intelligently entwined with the corresponding shipping requirements of a print corporation, whether a startup or an existing one.

5. Workflow automation software

Purpose: Basically, manual operation of workflow features for taking a print production incurs high costs even before the work is initiated. It is best to keep automation software for the same that effectively processes the workflow of an entire production right from the order to the final delivery of the product, with less human interference.

Genre:  This software is used for generating tickets of electronic tasks, generating quotations, automatic creation of batches and imposition of the same.


Workflow automation software is deemed essential due to the transparency factors coupled with features responsiveness for providing better user end experience and reliability conditions.

This software is basically the whole central point of action through which other tasks are performed. Hence, provides centralization for better business monitoring and outputs of the same.

Incorporation of this software into the mainstream of the print business improves the business efficiency due to reduced liability towards errors and thus increases the overall throughput

Provides greater time complexity and provides for greater task variations on a massive scale, thus eliminating the silo effect in general.

6. Mail processing software

Purpose: Marketing is as essential to business as the production outputs. The main purpose of this software is closely intertwined in the current business needs to get the extra edge in the highly comprehensive and competitive market. Using this software, you can easily do mailings as a certified professional to carry out bulk mail orders and thus ensure effective growth opportunities and greater efficacy of the production strategies.

Genre: Create emails and necessary paperwork’s for the postal office, to ease up the business on a better and greater scale.


Automatic processing of the mailing data is made available with this software. Through this, you can achieve greater efficiency when responding to the mailing requests of the customers and especially when the demand is in bulk orders.

Great source of revenue and decrease the overall time to delivery and response. This highly increases the output and provides for greater customer loyalty and satisfaction criteria.

Always choose mail processing software which offers to the process of change of address and is usually certified by the corresponding authorities. Moreover, be wise in choosing that software which offers high-end user experience to enhance the productivity factors in the corresponding business accordingly.

Enabling the use of this software in the corresponding print business generates greater output and reduced investments for better growth opportunities in the commercial market.

Given the different types of softwares available that can be incorporated into the mainstream line of print business, there is also a new technology in the market which involves the integration of all these types of softwares into one business deal enabled with the cloud computing services.

True, cloud computing can prove highly advantageous when it comes to getting that extra work done with better efficiency, however, integration of all these respective modules into one is not advisable. Try going for the individual modules which provide for effective functionality and definitive outputs which can be effectively monitored and measures for meeting the overall business requirements and specifications of the print business.

Happy Printing!


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