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Now you can run your iOS or Android Applications on the browser itself. Wondering how? is a tool which creates a simulator of your application and sends you the link. It is a cloud-based service which allows you to test your applications in the browser. It makes it very easy to build apps for a platform using different base platforms.

You can also test and run an iOS application from your Windows computer using a browser and It simplifies the process of application testing to a great extent. It is also very secure having features like sandboxing of user sessions, clearing up of simulator data at the end of the session, firewall rules, and secure the sessions. It is also very good when one does not have the option of testing the application on a device like the iPhone. Appetize.IO is free for up to 100 minutes/month per organization.


You have imagined a story with the right visual appeal and want to make it a reality. Here is Dissolve that is committed to your success of making your film.

At Dissolve, there is a stock of curated royalty-free, rights-managed video clips and photographs which are a cue to tell your story creatively. There are more than 50,000 clips for stock footage available for sale on this site. To create your exquisite video with the mood and ambiance you have imagined, you can buy clips and pictures from Dissolve at a small price and enhance the quality of your film.

Prices at Dissolve vary by the photographer, contributor, resolution, and other factors. Start-ups cannot find any other better way to make their product demo than Dissolve. Once you taste the amazing talent and professionalism from this website, you will keep coming back for more.


Dunnnk is a free online tool to generate mockups for your product. You simply select the template you want to use, upload your image and your mockup is ready. You can also download thousands of PSDs and use them at your own will and wish.

Dunnnk provides mockups on iPhones, iPads, many Android devices, MacBooks and even iMacs. The vision behind Dunnnk is to save developers a lot of time and effort by allowing them to make beautiful mockups in seconds. The mockups are all at a high 2K resolution and are completely free. Dunnnk is an awesome tool with startups that have no resources to spare on mockups. It is simple, free and effective.

All the images on Dunnnk are marked as free for commercial use unless stated otherwise. is the place to go for free high-quality mockups.


Explainify is an animation studio that helps you in the endeavor of making a short effective animated story about your brand. Their primary aim is to create remarkable videos for a business that start influencing buying decisions. It is used by many big names like Walmart, Coca-Cola, NBC Universal, Expedia, and Nestle. They only take in a limited number of customers and use a time-tested formula to sell your product using your video.

Cheap Videos are not good for any kind of brand advertisement. The clientele that Explainify has speaks a lot about how good it and its team are. Capturing your story as a one-of-a-kind magical story instead of the same run-of-the-mill story that everyone tells is exactly what Explainify does. And it does that beautifully.


Placeit makes mockups of your application simply by using a screenshot provided by you within no time. Placeit generates mockup on many devices including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and many other Android Devices. It is as simple as uploading an image or a URL, waiting for a few moments and then downloading a professional product mockup.

You name the device you want a mockup on and Placeit provides it. It is a simple drag and drops web-based tool which makes it really easy for startups without people experienced with tools like Photoshop. A lot of time and skill and work is required to create a mockup whereas while using Placeit, it is ready within minutes and with little to no effort from the user. If you want to show off your latest site or applications to a client, this utility is the best.

Placeit is free for watermarked mockups, but it has different subscription plans catering to different user’s needs and requirements. You can also add a number of cool effects to your mockup using Placeit within no time which would take much longer when done using conventional image manipulation software.


Recordit is a zippy screen recording application for OS X and Windows. It is used by companies like Twitter, Red Bull, AppSumo, and Nest. It also provides an API using which one can integrate Recordit with one’s applications.

Recordit also supports making the screencast into a gif instantly. So it is pretty easy to get a gif of your screencast up and running within no time. The quality of the gif is also excellent. Recordit can be used to record screencasts up to 5 minutes.

The OS X version also has a pro offering that lets one control the frame rate. It instantly uploads your gif and sends you the link. It is a much more effective method of demonstrations and tutorials than using text. It is free to download on OS X and Windows while the pro version of OS X sets you back by $39.99. Recording screencasts were never this easy.


Start-ups have a lot of promotion to do in the form of marketing collateral. These range from the print promotional material like brochures, newsletters, pamphlets, visiting cars, etc. to the audio-visual media like videos, presentations, etc. Videos are primarily easy to grasp and retentive mode of communication.

Startup Videos is a place where start-ups can create their videos to showcase their products, services, and capabilities. This app is ideal to make your videos before leaving for investors or customer meetings. These can be created quickly and are crafted by ThinkMojo. If you are a start-up and looking for making your videos, StartupVideos is the right place. Just click on the process and let the app take care of everything.


As a start-up, you operate from a shoe-string budget and often wonder how to make a professional video to best present your product to your customers. You are at the right place. At VideoBlocks you don’t have to shell out from your pocket to buy stock footage and templates. Here, you can pay a small subscription fee and download an unlimited number of video clips. Subscription is monthly and can be canceled anytime with no obligation of continuing.

You can find footage, motion backgrounds, After Effects templates and much more to help you in your creative needs. Also, the unlimited access implies that you can check out and use any of their 115,000+ HD clips without paying anything but the subscription fees. VideoBlocks also upgrades its library twice every month adding many new clips, which do not cost you anything additional. For creative start-ups, VideoBlocks is the place to start from for everything creative.


You are a start-up and are willing to showcase your talent in an appealing visual form. VideoLean is the ideal place where you can make your videos in minutes. Videolean services are specialized and enable you to make a professional video to help showcase your products.

Videolean is the easiest way to make your video. This contributes to increasing your visibility on the Internet without a huge expenditure. These creative videos that you make here generate mileage for your business.

VideoLean is a video making wizard that has easy steps to follow. This does not require you to be highly qualified. You can choose from the templates on this website and start creating your video. There are three different plans to buy this service including a basic plan which is suitable for personal use and the medium and PRO plans are good for start-ups to use.


VideoScribe is a unique tool where you can create your own whiteboard video animations. It is an award-winning scribing app for Windows computers, Macs, and iPads. It makes the process of creating whiteboard animations very easy as it requires no design and technical think-tank and can be used by everyone.

VideoScribe is used by BBC, PCPRO, MOMA, and many other prestigious names. VideoScribe has libraries containing 1000s of images and soundtracks which can be used in your animation. It also has many customization features which can help you make your animation video look perfectly the way you imagined it would look. You can change the background, morph images, add GIFs and do lots more. Once done, you can directly share your animation via Facebook, YouTube, and PowerPoint. Or you can save it to your computer. VideoScribe offers a completely free 7-day trial.


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