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Start-ups always have this fear that they will be questioned or contacted frequently by their investors. This is valid on their part and equally valid for an investor to call repeatedly as they need to know where their money is going. CodingVC is an email template that can solve your communication challenge with investors.

Coding VC email template has all the features that you would want in an email sending to investors. This template is designed for a monthly update. This has a section for you to mention KPIs, another section called “Asks” where you can ask investors for the suggestion, etc., you have notable events section where you can include the important milestones and also thank investors who supported you in the previous month in the thank you section.

CodingVC is the answer to your innumerable questions on keeping the investors updated regularly.


Grow is an unpretentious business investment dashboard suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. This is also a viable software solution for start-ups. Grow allows you to set up your company dashboard within minutes and start using data by connecting to data sources like Salesforce, Zendesk, and QuickBooks. This tool has a unique feature that allows you to merge your company databases and spreadsheets with the data sources. You don’t have to wait for any IT support. This is a quick and viable solution that enables your business to grow manifold.


Everyone can see the score very easily and thus it makes it very interesting for employees and all concerned to stay in tune with Grow. This tool gives an easy approach for you to see what is required to win. Growth patterns can be easily drawn by seeing the scores and performances on Grow dashboard.


Hockeystick is a key investor relations product that allows investors to stay tuned to what is happening in start-ups and their shareholders. Confidential information about companies can be shared on this platform. Hockeystick is devised to keep the investors in the knowledge of metrics about the start-ups. This is a very useful site for Angel investors, shareholders, capital investors, and individuals. The product dashboard allows you to see the company’s specific data. Companies, on the other hand, can use “Asks” platform and ask shareholders for any advice if required.


There is a free trial available for individuals and companies with unlimited users. Once satisfied you may opt for various packages depending on the size of your company. The pricing is reasonable starting at $199 per month for small fund companies and goes up to $1999 per month for unlimited portfolios companies.


Start-ups can start planning and forecasting without the help of spreadsheets. Now, with Opstarts, you can manage everything without toughing it out. Your start-up requires a thorough and detail-oriented planning and structures that actually forecast what is your future as a company.

Many start-up companies do not have resources to deal with the complicated spreadsheets and excel sheets with all the formulae very difficult to manage. With Opstarts you are free from this and you can build accurate plans without spending hours. This tool gives you a clear picture of your expenditure, your revenue, and current cash flow. These details enable you to make an easy plan and make a comparison with the actual outcomes.


This tool is very useful for companies that cannot afford to hire much staff and would like to manage a small budget. It would take very little time and effort to forecast with the help of Opstart.


Reportally is a free reporting platform for CEOs to stay tuned with their investors, mentors and the board of directors. This tool is offered principally to start-ups, small and medium-sized organizations. Reportally takes the stress of maintaining investor relations away. What this tool offers is a comprehensive approach to reporting online which is being used by more than 2000 companies globally.


Reportally has been endorsed by UK Business Angel Association. It has a dashboard and free cap table builder apart from the reporting. You can now do away with long and boring emails; all the information required to report to the investors is at one place and in the most comprehensive way possible. You no longer have to struggle to communicate what is required to your investors.


Update My VC is a contemporary approach to sending updates to your venture capitalists (VC). As a start-up, you have a key responsibility to keep in touch with your venture capitalists. They too would be interested in knowing what is happening to their investment.

update my vc

Created by RRE Ventures, UpdateMyVC is a monthly update resource that covers a wide range of useful information for the VCs. It gives an update of how a product is performing in terms of closing on any deals; developments regarding any employees hired or dismissed; how is the cash flow; What is the company’s position with regard to news and press etc. VCs get a fair idea about where the start-ups might need their interference and support. This monthly guide also features VCs who supported the start-up in extraordinary ways and circumstances.


The road of succeeding from a start-up to a profit-making company is a long one especially with investors to answer to. Frequent and responsible communication is solicited between investors and start-ups that gives access to data sharing. However, without proper structures, this becomes a burdensome process. To simplify this sharing between investors and start-ups, Visible was started in 2012.


Visible was initially begun with a group of founders and investors who were stressed out in tracking investment management and creating a channel of communication between investors and start-ups. Visible is a tool that has simplified this and created a rapport between them. Visible ensure tracking of performance on a regular basis and reports to all concerned.

You can sign up and start using a free package and buy the product once you are satisfied with the features.


Xtensio is a visualization tool that makes your dreams a reality. You have always imagined a particular way of presenting your company’s information, it’s strengths and milestones but never reached the reality of presenting this. Here is your solution. Xtensio builds your business profile in no time and in the way you want. You can show real-time information on this tool.

As a start-up, when you are operating on a shoe-string budget you cannot afford what the fortune 500 companies have in showcasing their information. Xtensio is the most effective tool in situations like this. You can allow Xtensio to do the virtual management and save your money. Xtensio’s latest visual user-friendly platform enables start-ups to provide financial metrics etc. to investors.


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