List of The Best Idea Generation Tools for Any Startup

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To put together a design, we pen down a bunch of ideas and chose from the best. And an idea can be born anywhere, while you are watching something on the internet or while you are commuting to work. It is often hard to save ideas instantly. would it not be convenient if you had all your ideas saved up in one place? Not just that but a place you can generate ideas and edit them? Here are some online websites and tools that can help you design with ease.

List of The Best Idea Generation Tools


Skitch is a multi-purpose editing tool by Evernote. You can take screenshots or capture images and then further explore your ideas by editing the images using annotations, markups, shapes, arrows and quick sketches. It’s more than a note-taking tool and should not be confused as a substitute for Photoshop. The other features in this tool are that you can crop, resize, markup a webpage, annotate a PDF and also you can use it as a blank canvas for a fresh idea.  Once your idea is in some shape, you can share your ideas visually with your friends, co-workers, and family members using the popular social networking sites like Flickr, Twitter or even on your own website instantly.


Xmind is an award-winning mind mapping tool, which is an open source package. Using this tool, you can conceptualize a variety of your ideas with proper hierarchy and logical relationships. XMIND 6 has a brand new feature which is the Brainstorming mode, where you can make quick decisions, create forms, reports and call for actions.

The other new exciting features of the XMIND 6 are Export to Open Office, Save to Evernote and you can also save your finished results to Microsoft Project. XMIND also supports imports from Mindjet MindManager and Freemind.

Downloading and using this software is free because it is an open source software and therefore XMIND makes sure that you don’t have to worry about paying to use this software.


Stache is a visual bookmarking app which you can use on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. It enables you to quickly bookmark a webpage and then retrieve it whenever required. It also creates a beautiful layout of the bookmarks by displaying a screenshot of each page, title, and domain of the bookmark. This enables you to quickly identify the page you are looking for. This is extremely useful when you are ideating for your startup or your product and you find some resource that you want to reference later.

Stache also features a content search tool to help you find what you’re looking for. Just type in the words you need, and Stache will filter through your bookmarks in real-time, giving you results quickly. This is not just used to help find the title of the page, but you can also look for specific content on a site as well. Stache comes with the iCloud syncing option so that all of your visual bookmarks are accessible from any device.


As an innovator, you will end up doing a lot of research for your idea or product and a link sharing tool is something that will come extremely handy. Point is a quick and easy link sharing tool that works on iOS and Chrome. Point’s unique benefit is that while doing your research, you can send a link to one or many people without leaving the page or app. You can point and share specific portions of a webpage thus conveying a focused part of the content. After you have shared it, Point makes sure that you save all the shared or received items in your inbox. So you can reference those items at a later point. This tool is great if you want to share your ideas and research findings with friends or just an email alias.


MindMeister is one of the best online mind mapping software currently available in the market, which allows anyone to create their own visual text-based mind maps that can be used to collaborate with team members easily. It can become particularly useful during the planning phase of projects as it’s a nice web interface, which minimizes distraction and maximizes productivity. 

It also provides tools to facilitate real-time collaboration, task management and creating presentations. By using cloud storage, MindMeister can distribute changes in mind maps to all users on all devices. Free mobile apps are also available for iOS and Android platforms.

Don’t let your ideas get lost in your doodle notes or on the camera pictures of whiteboard notes. has a more methodical way to capture your random thoughts and brilliant ideas. is a perfect tool for startups that generate product ideas every day. It lets you organize your ideas such that you capture your thoughts right from the germination stage to the execution and go live. You can use the tool at every stage, filling the necessary details for every idea for a particular stage. You will realize how your idea generation process was along the journey. It makes for a perfect companion right through your startup journey. The best part? This won’t be one of the naysayers.

Experiment Board

There are very few tools for startups that provide an all-in-one platform and whose predecessor was used by more than 20,000 innovators. Experiment Board is one of them. Experiment Board is an all-in-one software platform that allows innovators to identify customer needs, validate new products, and make the product Market Fit. Experiment Board, which as created by Javelin, is a major improvement to their first product called Lean Validation Board.

The major improvement in Experiment Board is that it allows the innovators to get their idea to execution extremely fast. Experiment Board is a free downloadable tool and includes a PDF version and a Google spreadsheet version and instructions on how to use them. The PDF document can be printed into a poster and hung on the office wall so that everyone on the team can constantly view it. The Google spreadsheet allows you to collaborate with your virtual team. Experiment Board is therefore unique that it allows you to collaborate with your virtual and onsite teams seamlessly.


Elevatr is a smart business idea app, where you can record, organize, and share business ideas, which you can buy from the iTunes store. Over 100,000 people use Elevatr worldwide till date.

There are many situations in your life where you get an idea while taking a shower and then forget about it. Here, this smart app will make a difference in the idea and act on it. When you provide your business startup idea to Elevator, it will develop a business model in different ways of execution and guides you through the workflow of your inspirational thoughts into plans and makes you think beyond the product. The app also addresses the privacy concern you may have about the ideas you own and it ensures that your ideas are not let out. This app is available for both the iPhone and iPad.


For those innovators who have an iPhone or iPad and would like to capture their creative thoughts and ideas, Curator is the perfect app. Like iOS, it is simple, fast and powerful.

Curator is the perfect complement to the innovators who are constantly on an iOS mobile device – iPhone or iPad. Curator is exclusively for iOS and lets you create a visual grid, which efficiently collects all your different idea sources at various phases – starting from idea germination to the end of product execution. You can host a range of content types such as websites, images, text, drawings etc and can move them around by simply dragging and dropping them around. So if you want an ideation tool for your iPhone or iPad, then you definitely need to download the Curator app.

Box Notes

Box Notes provides a clean, simple and lightweight editing interface that makes it easy to quickly create documents, take notes and share ideas in real-time with your team. With Box Notes, you can never let the best ideas get away. Simple annotations within your document and the ability to comment alongside the document are some of the ways to capture ideas and share them with others.

Sharing notes with others is just as simple and secure as sharing anything because Box Notes is built on top of Box cloud storage solutions. There is no need to install any software or work with another cloud-based service. Box Notes is available today for iPhone and iPad.


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