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Deployment is a crucial process in any business environment. It can often get time-consuming in terms of support, speed and etc. So, to help you save someone time we at Startup world put together a list of best deployment tools.



Circleci offers services that make it easy for developers to set up continuous integration and deployment in no time, ensuring they have more time to focus on their product. Circleci supports all languages, tools, and browsers that can run on Linux i.e., it supports almost all of the frameworks used by modern developers.

Circles are very simple to set up and is used by names like Shopify and Kickstarter. Circleci also provides excellent documentation and tutorials making the platform very easy to get started on. Circleci was founded with 2011 with the intention of making state of the art testing and continuous integration tools easily available for everyone.



Here is a massive opportunity for developers to make use of easy and free deployment pipelines with Codeship. Codeship provides testing and delivery infrastructure as a service.  It sets up all the deployment pipelines for the developers using it thereby allowing the developers to focus their resources on writing more and better software. It speeds up and automates the delivery workflow of the developer’s product. Codeship has a simple intuitive UI and is easy to use for teams of all sizes. Its services are free for personal developers and are priced reasonably for organizations. Codeship supports both Github and Bitbucket. Codeship provides a unique feature called parallel which provides for a 10x increase in the speed of the test. Codeship also instantly notifies the developer when something goes wrong.



Deploy is a code deployment platform which deploys the developer’s web application directly from the repository to the server. Deploy makes it very easy to deploy all the developer’s code within no time from Github, codebase, and Bitbucket. Code hosting is integrated into their services too. Its setup is very simple and it deploys to FTP, SSH, SFTP, Amazon S3, and Rackspace Cloud Files servers.

It also supports Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories. It has a free version with limited features and many different plans which are priced reasonably. Deploy makes deployment as easy as simply configuring the repository, previewing changes and deploying code.



Communication between server and application has never been this easy. Divide.IO ensures freedom from redundancy and wastage of time. is an open source backend as a service platform that tries to help development by providing tools for the communication between the application and the server. It makes it easier for developers to build their mobile applications’ backend as it is a complete open source backend library. is recommended for startups as it is free and open source. Also, developers no longer need to waste time writing lots of code for the backend and instead can use Furthermore, it provides a number of great features for storing user information, for APIs and much more.


engine yard

Engine Yard is a cloud application management platform. It promises full control and customization features, robust automation features, and great support. Currently, it can be used with software made using Deis, Docker, PHP, Ruby, and Node.JS.

Engine Yard completely automates platform management, helping the developer to focus on building great applications. All the developer’s administration and maintenance tasks are taken care of according to the developer’s choice of automation and control. Engine Yard has the support of companies like Benchmark Capital, Amazon, DAG Ventures and Oracle.



Github is a web-based storehouse hosting service. Github provides a web-based graphical interface, a desktop interface and also a mobile interface. It is used for hosting distributing, reviewing, upgrading and managing both open source and private projects. Its services are completely free for open source projects and are very reasonably priced for private projects.

Github has the world’s largest open source community making it easy for developers to share projects to millions of other repositories. Github also makes it easy for all the different teams to work on a project without friction between them. It also provides a number of discussion and review tools. Therefore it is a must for startups to get their repositories up and running on Github. This not only makes coding easier but also makes it easy for different teams to work together.


new relic

An amazing analytics platform for developers to now take care of huge amounts of data with New Relic. New relic is a developers dream come true as they can fasten their work.

New Relic is a software analytics platform that allows the developer to collect and display massive amounts of data in a single framework. This makes it very easy for the developers to make swift and correct decisions. New relic’s services are delivered in a software as a service (SAAS) model on the cloud. Its customer base is comprised of tech and enterprise companies. Its application performance monitoring (APM) solutions make it very simple for startups to maintain checks on their application’s performance.

New Relic’s customers include prestigious names like Groupon and Kickstarter. It is a must-have for startups as it considerably reduces the time spent on optimizing the code and thus allows the developers to focus their time on building more software.



Stable code at your fingertips with Wercker!

Wercker is a company that helps developers make maintainable and stable code. Its services are still in beta. Wercker develops parts of the developer’s application which it calls microservices and deploys and tests them.

Wercker uses a unique method to reuse code by creating many different containers which can be used by developers for their project. It offers a free development mode as long as you want in beta, which allows the developers to automate the process of developing their application. Wercker also provides a virtual private cloud server which promises higher performance than the free mode and also better security. Wercker is unique as it provides a command line interface to manage pipelines and deploy them.



Pagoda Box is a cloud hosting platform as a service for PHP applications deployed using git. It helps developers focus on coding and deployment and not on managing the environment. It makes the process very easy as it can be used to deploy the application via a single configuration file. In Pagoda Box, everything is a component i.e the database, the web servers, the workers, etc. This ensures ease in development.

It is very easy for developers to deploy their application from Git using Pagoda Box. Also, Pagoda Box is easier for novices as it has great documentation. For startups using PHP, Pagoda Box is the way to go as it is made with PHP development in view. Pagoda Box also has a lot of analytics tools and many more different components.


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