10 Websites You Should Be Aware Of, If You Are Raising Funds

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Most often startups require funds to kick off their venture and ensure sufficient working capital until they break-even. For a great idea to triumph, startups need funds. Therefore, it is vital for the startup founders to develop the right strategies to attract investors who could fund them. But raising funds is not an easy task. Startups need to keep approaching investors and venture capitalists until they find the right match. But, where to find them?

Suggested below are a few websites where you can find hundreds of potential investors & valuable tools. Have a glance:

1. Angellist (angel.co)


AngelList is a website designed to meet every need of a start-up. If you are starting a company, you should start from AngelList. Here, you can meet investors and look for job-seekers to work in your start-up. If you’re a job-seeker looking for an exciting new company with exciting ideas to work in, AngelList should be your first destination. At AngelList, investors can invest in early-stage start-ups and fund potentially world-changing ideas. It is a comprehensive Launchpad for startups.

Companies like Slide, Swiftype, Pinterest and Airbnb got their investments through AngelList and haven't looked back since. It is an awesome platform where intelligent people can find the key to unlocking their and their start-up’s potential. In the last one year itself, over $134 million was invested through this platform and 376 start-ups were funded. So, what are you waiting for? Just sign up onto AngelList and find your Angel investor, recruit your team, find jobs and so much more.

2. Ask the VC (.askthevc)

Ask the VC

Ask The VC is a website started by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson. It contains all the different documents used for early-stage financings. On this platform, all the managing directors of the Foundry Group blog about the resources required for upcoming entrepreneurs. You can find standard forms of documents used for early-stage financings on this page. All of these documents were developed at Cooley and are based on the NVCA (National Ventura Capital Association) model documents.

The resources found on Ask The VC are all made specifically to suit the needs of a US-based early stage investor. Honest and thoughtful opinions on relevant issues in the venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystem can be found on Ask The VC. These can help you make the right decisions. You can also find reviews, legal documents, and many other resources. If you’re looking for an informational source on venture capital and entrepreneurship, Ask The VC is the way to go.

3. Captable.io (captable.io)


Captable.IO is a platform made for entrepreneurs and by entrepreneurs. It is a very feasible, secure and accurate alternative to creating and sharing cap tables via email attachments. Using Captable.io, one can build, modify and manage company cap tables at their convenience on the cloud. It is a very secure platform and is highly trustable. Founders can create and issue stock classes and convertible instruments with ease and explore investment round and exit scenarios on Captable. Investors can invite companies to share their cap tables with them.

Captable.io allows entrepreneurs and investors to maintain a transparent process and avoid mistakes that may prove costly. It is very easy to create a quick graphical representation of your company's capitalization data using this platform. It also provides features like verification of stockholder transactions and Financing and Exit scenario exploration which allow you to make sure your data is 100% accurate and also allow you to model prospective events to understand their impact on shareholders.

4. Dealroom (dealroom.co)


Dealroom is a marketplace enabling founders to meet and make deals with investment professionals. It envisions better and faster investment decisions. On Dealroom, there are key facts and indicators on 500,000+ tech companies across 10,000+ subsectors. You can, as investor find out all you want about a company and get strategic insights about it. The whole process of investment is data-driven i.e. you have the data required to back your decisions. For a start-up founder, Dealroom is a wonderful place, as here you can get access to over 3,500 professional investors globally.

Dealroom successfully harnesses the power of Big Data to bring investors and start-ups closer. It is essentially a complete redesign of the entire finance advisory model. And, it does work like it was intended too. It is the #1 platform for venture capital and investors who use this platform include Accel, Summit Partners, Index Ventures and ATOMICO. Dealroom is free for anyone looking to access the data and use it for their investments. There are also some other plans which are priced reasonably and have a host of features.

5. F6S (f6s)


F6S is a global community for founders, start-ups and angel investors. It is a completely free platform where you can access many events, contests and accelerator programs. Or you could find a job at an awesome startup. With over 587,885 founders, startups & angels, it is one of the biggest community investment platforms. A single platform which creates sources of investment, sources of employment and sources of innovation and great ideas. That is what F6S is. The name F6S is short for Founders, where 6 stands in for the six letters between F and S.

F6S also has an API and a WordPress plugin which can be used by you to engage your F6S users, data and relationships on different platforms. It also has a Mobile Data API which gives you statistics, reviews, and trends of all application, iOS, and Android. F6S is an essential and productive platform which is designed to increase the effectiveness of your start-up.

6. Foundrs (foundrs.com)


Foundrs is an experimental co-founder equity calculator. This has been devised after three years of research, discussions with entrepreneurs, start-up meetings, suggestions of various Founders. Foundrs has a questionnaire and you have to fill in as many questions as you know or are willing to. Some questions may not be about you which you can leave. You also have multiple choice questions on founders where it is recommended you choose two founders.

This Foundrs equity calculator does not handle salaries or the cash invested by co-founders and also of investors joining later after the first shipment leaves. Questions can be replaced for projects that have a huge number. However, this takes time for development. You can send an email to Foundrs with your feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of the product.

7. Gust (gust.com)


Gust is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, which connects start-ups with investors from all over the world. Gust is used by over 1,000 investment groups from 80+ countries. With over USD $1.8 Billion invested on start-ups through the platform, it is one of the biggest networks connecting investors and entrepreneurs. If you are a founder of a start-up, all you have to do is create a profile of your company on Gust and share it with investors. If you are an investor, you get access to a set of powerful deal flow management tools which allow you to make the right decision.

Gust allows start-ups to find investors who are local to the region they are set up in. Research has proven that investors are five times more likely to invest in a local start-up. Powerful search tools on Gust let you find people interested in the exact industry and the exact subsector you deal with. Its privacy controls allow you to keep data deemed private by you hid to everyone else.

8. Seedinvest (seedinvest)


Seedinvest is a platform connecting 14,380 investors from all over the world to start-ups without charging any fees. With investment venture groups like Index Ventures, Google Ventures, RRE Ventures and Spark Capital on the platform, you can be sure that you’re in the right company, whether you’re an investor or an entrepreneur. With many game-changing applications and companies already funded on Seedinvest, it is a very big platform.

Seedinvest lets you diversify your investment group’s portfolio by allowing you to invest in the best early-stage companies. It promises maximized returns by taking in 0% carried interest and no management fees. With SeedInvest, the process of investing in a great start-up and sparking a revolutionary change in the world is as easy as buying a share of stock. Since 2013, SeedInvest has had thousands of investors invest over $330 million in start-ups and early-stage companies.

9. Sharewave


Sharewave is an ideal online setup for shareholders and start-ups to meet. Manage all your legal tangles of your company’s shares, ownership, and public issues, etc. all under one window. As a startup, you have innumerable things to look after. Shares and company ownership is one of them. Sharewave is one powerful website where you can create your account for free initially and start using for your company details on shares.

All your data is recorded in Sharewave and shareholders can access the data as and when required. A complete history of company ownership etc. is available here from the first ledger entry to all other transactions. You can buy the product once you are satisfied with a very small price. It starts at $9 per month for up to 10 shareholders and $ 101+ for 100 shareholders and more. The initial version is set up free. Your journey with Sharewave will be smooth and easy. To see old data from some years back, you just have to key in the date and watch what it was some time back in the company.

10. The funded (thefunded.com)

The funded

TheFunded is an online community connecting over 20,000 CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs with the goal of promoting productive discussions about fundraising, rating and reviewing investors and venture capitalists and discuss great strategies to grow a business. The community allows everyone to avoid bad funding situations and brings transparency to the venture funding world, a world which is governed by secrecy.

TheFunded can help you find the perfect investors for your business. You can pretty much access a database of funding sources from all over the world. You can check out the insights of experienced entrepreneurs. You can search for funds by name, find out their ratings and decide if that is the best fund. You can use a set of filters to narrow the searching down and find the best investor for your start-up. Isn’t it great? And it is completely free. TheFunded is a prime example of how a community can help overcome the limit on a single person.

All the best!

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