StanPlus Ensures Professional Medical Care Throughout the Medical Transport Journey

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We live in a world where pizza reaches you within 30 minutes, but when it comes to much-needed medical facilities, it generally takes hours to reach the spot. Considering this gap, one of the startups called “StanPlus” came into existence with the aim to improve this scenario. 

In 2016, Antoine Poirson, Jose Leon and Prabhdeep Singh founded StanPlus. It is a healthcare startup that provides 24*7 medical services, ambulance services, emergency, and non-emergency services. 

In 2013, 32-year old Antoine came to India all the way from France to establish a solar plant project in Rajasthan. During this time, one of his colleagues met with a fatal accident. Instantly, a few members have called an ambulance. At that point, he was worried because the distance from the accident location to the hospital was quite huge.   

After the accident, it took Antoine 3 long hours to reach the hospital. Moreover, the ambulance was also not well-equipped and even it took halts for fuel. In addition, the medical team was not well-qualified to handle such serious cases. The journey from the accident spot to hospital and the lack of essential necessities must be provided to the patient shook him to the core.

2 years later, when Antoine was studying at INSEAD in Europe Campus, he was taking a tour with one of his friends Prabhdeep in France. Prabhdeep was in the pharmaceutical sector and one day both of them were discussing a gap in the healthcare sector. Then they thought of starting healthcare services and they were joined by one more friend named Jose who was living in Costa Rica. Eventually, the trio decided to start a Healthcare startup StanPlus. 

Antoine says StanPlus focuses on emergency and non-emergency services for the patients. It also helps to reach them at the hospital. We are giving all kinds of services in one segment, which includes vehicle services for patients with well-designed mobility along with Advanced Life Support (ASL), which can be useful for all kinds of emergencies and for medical treatment.    

The key factor was to focus more on interests and re-design incentives according to the business model. One of the major challenges was to give vehicle services to people so that ambulances can be helpful at any situation in Hyderabad and can reach the needy in less than 15 minutes. Nowadays, the StanPlus team is quite busy in selecting vehicles, training ambulance drivers, ambulance partners, performing quality audits and growing a network of well-trained paramedics.    

StanPlus has around 300 ambulances, and every employee is a well-trained paramedic and three drivers will be assigned to every vehicle so that vehicle availability can be increased.

The startup uses technologies, call centers, and makes correct decisions by using the geospatial data, which helps to see the route and traffic. Moreover, it’s planning to expand in other cities and will try to reach patients' locations within 20 minutes. 

As per the latest funding, StanPlus has received $1.5M In Pre Series A Funding from FinInvest. Hyderabad Angels and a few other company's existing investors have also been involved in the funding round.

StanPlus is planning to give all the emergency and non-emergency healthcare services to patients within 15-20 minutes. Besides, StanPlus is aiming to extend its healthcare business all over India.


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