Healthcare Services Startup StanPlus Lifts $1.5M In Pre Series A Funding

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StanPlus, a Hyderabad-based Healthcare startup, has landed $1.5 million in Pre Series A funding led by FinInvest. Besides, Hyderabad Angels and a few more company's existing investors also took part in the funding round. With this latest investment, StanPlus is going to grow its healthcare business all over India, and it will be covering all the medical response categories.

In 2016, Antoine Poirson, Jose Leon and Prabhdeep Singh founded StanPlus. It is a healthcare startup that provides 24/7 medical solutions, ambulance services, emergency, and non-emergency support along with afterlife support.  

Currently, StanPlus is operating more than 350 ambulances in four different cities such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kochi. The ambulances have some essential features like cardiac machines, advanced life support systems, basic life support, and patient care system. Moreover, the startup has managed 10,000 beds and is planning to scale up its operation to support over 50K people in the next six months.   

Healthcare Services Startup StanPlus Lifts $1.5M In Pre Series A Funding

The startup claims that it has well-trained paramedics and staff, and it has also collaborated with many other hospitals and corporates in different cities. 

The market for ambulances is existing yet it’s divided into parts and fleet owners often fail to upgrade their vehicles due to the high demand and less time for maintenance. StanPlus targets to put this scattered market into order by systematizing the fare, patient care, and equipment. 

Since StanPlus came into the healthcare solution sector, the hospital time response has gone down and it has reduced to 70% to 9 minutes and the services have improved by 3x in the emergency cases. Moreover, the startup has said that it will also help in reducing the current ambulance redundancies, and decrease cost by 99%.     

There are a few competitors of StanPlus in the healthcare sector such as HelpNow, Ziqitza, Dial4242 and VMEDO.


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