SQLGate: Powerful IDE For Multiple SQL Databases

At the time of developing a product over the web, we use several types of database and maintaining it is a very challenging task which developers face nowadays due to the latest technology that is revolving, and to conquer this, SQLGate came into the picture.

What is SQLGate?

SQLGate is an integrated database development and management solution that simplifies construction and operations of databases.  SQLGate makes it easier and quicker to deal with the databases holding the vast amounts of data.

Use SQLGate and raise your work productivity from Oracle to SQLServer, MySQL, MariaDB, Tibero, PostgreSQL.

The following are some of the most prominent features of SQLGate:

Object Explorer

You can view lists, properties, and data of all objects which are stored in the database. Multiple SQL execution & Auto Completion.

You can even run the multiple SQL at the same point and time and view the results in the grid. It makes the data comparison a lot more convenient and easy. The subquery also automatically recognizes fields. Place the cursor to the table and press ALT + 1 to view the column information and ALT + 2 to view the data immediately. You can even add the user queries up to ALT + 0 and ALT hotkey option.

Grid Functions and Modifying Fetched Data

Data can be efficiently viewed with the help of sorting, filtering, and grouping query results. Like just in excel, you can copy and paste, add cells, sum columns and rows etc. Just like similar to the excel, you can even edit the data directly on the table. You can also paste the data from the clipboard.

PL/SQL Editor and PL/SQL Debugger

You can create the PL/SQL, procedures, functions, packages and check for the errors using the PL/SQL editor. It even provides with the variable auto-completion, parameter, and related object recompilation. The PL/SQL Debugger helps you to debug the procedure, packages, and functions. Just like a general computer, it provides the ability to set the breakpoints and simply check the value of a parameter or variable.

SQL Execution Plan Viewer and SQL Formatting

You can easily view the execution plan in the SQL editor and analyze it in the tree view, flowcharts format and text. Apart from that, the Show Execution Plan Object allows you to analyze the objects in the execution plan with just a single click. There are various customization options allows you to sort SQL in any way which you like.

Bottom Line:

Overall, SQLGate offers the great feature to be used in the development and management of the database. It is a highly recommended tool for those who work on a big project.