How to Spy On Push Notifications

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Push notifications technology is rapidly evolving from a simple message to an interactive medium to reach loyal customers and make them respond instantly. 

There is a diverse range of push notification ads that run on games, e-commerce stores, health blogs, websites, surveys, applications and more. People subscribe through them to enjoy the daily dose of updates.

What’s this all about? Driving the audience through Push notifications is tricky and often referred to as interruption marketing. You hit the visitors with a powerful message and encourage them to take action, resulting in high-conversions. That’s where the success secret lies in. 

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The study shows that mobile users receive an average of 63 notifications per day through emails and messages. So, it’s good to be aware of statistics and identify where to pull the audience adopting to push-notifications. 

Spying is the key to thrive in this competitive world. The one we are discussing is the Adplexity, a popular Ad spying tool for pop-ups, released Beta Push version today into the market.  

Adplexity Push is the biggest database currently available in the market and keeps on providing more accurate data. It charges $149/month and is valid for a limited period. Get is as soon as possible to track the competitor's data and grow the business.  

The beta version comes with the latest updates by encompassing intelligence tools. It offers a comprehensive guide for users to run successful push campaigns on mobiles - Android, iPhone, tablets, laptops, desktops in more than 80 countries. 

Further, it is possible to access real-time data using push-networks like PropellerAds, MGID, RichPush, AdsTerra, Datspush, and Evadav. To add on, you can download the landing pages with images, CSS, Javascript in ZIP formats for hassle-free operations. 

Wrapping up, this is the only tool where you get accurate information and find affiliate ads from hundreds of CPA networks with a single click. Also, you can search for the data using the ultra-fast search by focusing on keyword, advertiser, affiliate network, and more. 

Now the advertisers can log in and set up the push notifications as you like by accessing to the country, device, and operating system. You can register it for free of cost. 

Are you a professional or kick-started your career in the digital marketing field? Have you ever used push-notifications to boost sales? How does this feature help you in growing the business? Share your thoughts and doubts with us in the comment section given below.


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