Getting Late For Office, Now Book A Ride Via SoMo App

Carpooling is simply the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person can travel in the car at the same point of time, and prevents the need for the others to have to drive to a particular location themselves. It helps you to save money and is better for the environment.

SoMo Introduction

SoMo is a first of its kinds, free, a mobility app that gives the riders freedom to choose how to move from one point of location to another. SoMo provides a single app experience, amongst the different transportation options, which even allows the users to book and simply plan a ride alone or with the people in their social network circles.

Let us have a look at some of the features of SoMo app:

The smartest way to organize a ride

SoMo makes the whole process of managing and organizing a ride or commute between the friends and family simple. No matter whether you arrange an after-school carpool, need to get to a family wedding, or even need to plan a solo ride like your commute to work does it your way. Choose from the public transit options like the subway, bus, metro or the taxi, or even find a ride with the friends headed in the same sort of direction. Ride the smart way and save time.

One single app for all your riding needs

Now, forget the stress! No more toggling between the different messaging or navigation apps to organize your trip. SoMo is a perfectly seamless way to find and book a ride with the help of various transportation options. Get whether you need to go by driving, limo, bus, subway, taking a taxi, or even join an existing rise. SoMo combines all your transportation needs just within one beautiful and easy to use interface.

Optimized pickup, drop off and travel routes

SoMo algorithm optimizes the route planning and GPS navigation to get you where you need to go and ensures that you arrive on time. The app uses the rider locations to determine the most efficient routes based on the drop-off and pick up points, distance and time. The app also functions as one of the most classic navigation app, which even offers the turn by turn GPS guidance and even the real-time traffic updates for the driver. Apart from that, there is an automatic update about the driver location, and ETA’s ensures that the drivers can even navigate and arrive safely without having any distractions.

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With the easy ride searchability and group creation, SoMo is the seamless and flexible all in one app for all your transportation needs, which help you to coordinate and plan for a quick and fun drive.