SolderWorks Accounces Acquisition Of Consulting Firm

SolderWorks LLC Today has revealed that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire the SmartSource Management(SSM), a Denver based technology consulting firm founded in the year 2006 with a strong base of a client in the semiconductor manufacturing and winemaking industries.

SolderWorks founder Rich Walsh stated that “Hardware is the new software in the latest innovative next gen of technology. We have a fair understanding that this acquisition adds some of the more critical know-how and expertise that will help SolderWorks scale its SpikeLabs that also provides with adding some of the more innovative consulting services. SSM is a company with talent that can deliver business at a very quick rate and keep pace with the fast-growing emerging industry of the IoT and 4.0 sectors.”

With this acquisition, SolderWorks continues down their roadmap which adds some of the valuable partnerships and services to an ecosystem that provides for the innovation to be realized quickly and instantly.

“Delivering some of the more innovative solutions that are hardware-based is a new frontier. A building, maintaining and deploying them requires a mature, experienced process,” Walsh revealed in an interview. “That’s why this move to acquire SmartSource is so vital in the industry.”

Brandon Vogt, The Managing Partner of SSM states, “We are very much excited to become a part of SolderWorks. We have always operated in a great just like a factory and believe our systematic approach will help mature how innovation is delivered tomorrow.”

About SolderWorks LLC

SolderWorks is a state of the art innovation lab which is designed to accelerate the ideas from the though to a thing. SOlderWorks mission is to come and support the next wave of innovation by providing an ecosystem where the entrepreneurial visionaries, industry partnerships, and corporate labs, create agile economies. SolderWorks is the place where the tomorrow innovations are mostly created.

About SmartSource Management

SmartSource Management is a Denver based technology consulting firm that is having specializes in delivering the digital business value through the process automation, enhanced user experience applications, commerce solutions, and system integrations. SSM’s client base comprises with a wide range of industries from the large semiconductor companies, big data SaaS and wine industry-leading companies.

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