Japanese-based SoftBank Group Corporation Invests $2M Funding In US Startups

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SoftBank has invested $2 million in funding in US startups, which is led by minorities. With the latest investment, WeWork is planning to focus more on scaling up Softbank’s business. 

Sandeep Mathrani has founded WeWork. It is one of the best real estate companies that is providing a workspace to all the startups, technologies, companies, and services to all the enterprisers. 

Sandeep said, we are quite committed to helping SoftBank to change Forster and demonstrating through action. With the new investment, we are thinking about emerging our platform with founders. We are so excited by seeing the progress of the new 14 startups and we are very confident that they will continue to be impactful on communities in the next coming months and years.  

Japanese-based SoftBank Group Corporation Invests $2M Funding In US Startups

The first cohort began on 27 April and was made by all the new 14 startups. The new merge website only describes programs, which are based on San Mateo. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, the program and sessions no longer exist. So, the first emerge program will be pitched to all the investors through the video session or presentation, which was held on July 18. Moreover, Koniku Moment AI is one of the startups that is representing the program.

According to the 2019 study of RateMyInvestor and DiversityVC, they both found that around 100,00 entrepreneurs who received capital funding in the USA, the probability percentage of black professionals is 1%. As per the reports of the 2019 study by the Center for Talent Innovation, around 65% of black professionals felt that they have to work very hard to get the success at the workplace, where the probability of white professionals felt the same way but the count was 16%.

This June, Softbank has announced a $100 million funding, which will be led by people of color. Thaty fund was collected because of the worldwide protest of George Floyd.


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