YouTube will now redirect searches for terrorist content to anti-hate videos

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Google’s experiment in digital counter-terrorism will be rolling out really soon. Collaborating with one of it’s own think tank and incubator, Jigsaw, and another organization Moonshot CVE (an organization that uses tech to fight violent extremism), the new experiment seeks to bury ISIS related propaganda on YouTube. From now onward, whenever a potential ISIS recruit searches for extremist content using a predefined set of keywords, they will be redirected to videos that confront the terrorist group. The project is called the Redirect Method.

The companies developed the tech after studying for several years, on how terrorist factions use technology to spread their ideals and recruit new followers. In the coming weeks, YouTube says that it intends to incorporate this Method into wider set of search queries in languages other than English, and dynamically update search terms and work with NGOs and other peace keeping organizations to develop anti-terrorist content and also roll the Method to Europe.

YouTube says that they will measure the success of The Redirect Method by how much it’s playlists are engaged.

How is the Tech world combating extremist content?

To combat extremist and terrorism content, the tech giants, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube have created a joint forum to fight against extremist and terrorism propaganda. This comes after many years of criticism from the masses against the companies for failing to block violent extremists and propaganda on their platform. It’s called the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, and it would focus on collaborative technological solutions with governments and civic groups.

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