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Twitter adds direct message review inbox feature

Twitter has now come up with a brand new feature of direct messages review and thus giving people, even more, control over who is sending them direct messages. The social network has added a new feature that will let you preview all the messages originating from the people you don’t follow, and even you can accept or delete it.

This new feature of Twitter is very much similar to the feature of “Message requests” that was introduced by Facebook earlier and that allows the users to screen and review the messages from only the people who are not on their friend’s list. As the same, this feature of Twitter allows the users to communicate with the people that don’t follow them.

The people who are sending the direct messages would not receive a read receipt until you choose the “Accept” button. However, if you are not choosing the decline option it still leaves them free to message you again. But, if you don’t want them messaging you again you will have to choose decline option.

This brand new feature of Twitter is a smart way to encourage people to open up the direct messages and keep the direct messages open, while also giving them a measure of protection against unwanted communication, including potential abuse.

The ability to review Direct Messages is gradually rolling out to Twitter on the web and both to the Android and iOS apps. You would not need to update the app; either this new feature will just appear once Twitter has rolled it out to you.