Facebook to launch their own speakers gadget with touch-screen

img: for representation only

Social network giant, Facebook is planning to launch their first 15-inch touch-screen smart speaker.

The company has not made any official announcement about the features and functionality of the speakers, but the tech gurus prediction is that it will be leveraging the Facebook’s messenger, videos and photos features to give a seamless experience to the customers.

The plan to launch may be a competition for the Amazon’s Echo but it is likely to be more advanced that Echo. Facebook has enormous data of users, their videos and photos. Keeping the analytics of users using Facebook for social media, the company might use the speaker with touch capability to give everything from one place.

The market is new and Google has made their speaker already, Apple in plan to launch home pod but each product comes with a flaw which Facebook wants to address and produce a robust touch speaker which can accessed from anywhere for anything.