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Facebook Messenger unveiling a new looks with improved navigation feature

Facebook Messenger, the official Facebook messaging app is now going to introduce its new look that is focused on making the navigation faster with some improved features. It is not going to eliminate the stories feature, Messenger Day, but making few changes so that the content on its home screen is organized for making speedy navigation. It will help you to pick up where you left off in your final go.

The update is coming up with new tabs on the top of the main screen of the Messenger to move up between your messages, contacts, and even groups. Additionally, the app with this new update will let you visit other areas by using a red dot on various tabs and sections to let you know when there is any activity. The new design of the messaging app will give you a better highlight of not only the text messages but also some other ways that people connect and communicate.

In the new look of Facebook Messenger, you will see “Groups” in the tab at the top of the screen in spite of the bottom navigation bar. There are also the tabs for your messages, and the list of active users on the app in this redesigned app as well as new groups tab are also there.
With these improved features, this messaging app encouraging you to start more conversations through the app. The size of the camera button is decreased now in the messenger. The bottom bar has been updated with some newer parts including Home, Calls, Camera Button, People, and Games. On Android, the messaging app is sticking with only the icons.

The appearance of red dot in the revamped messaging app is one of the new brand features that is added to see when one of the sections in the app with having a new activity. It means you can see a red dot for your unread messages and also if you have missed any call, the red dot will appear next to the Calls tab.
Facebook announced that these new features would roll out to the Messenger from this week throughout the world on both iOS and Android devices.