Twitter is Developing a New Bookmarking Tool

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Twitter has finalized its plan on launching a bookmarking feature to save tweets for future reference.

Adding this new tool will help the app users keep a separate list of items that they would want to refer back. Previously using a heart button (more like the “thumbs up” button in Facebook) to mark the post or tweet as one’s favorite was present.

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The feature’s imminent launch was first announced on Twitter itself. The head of product Keith Coleman tweeted saying, “Fresh out of Hackweek and coming soon-a new way to save tweets to read later. As it has been the hot discussion, the team would love your feedback as they dial in the design.



Newly hired senior director of product, Sriram Krishnan, and PM Jesar Shah, also noted Twitter’s plans in this area. Shah took to Twitter to make the announcement of the same adding that people, mainly from Japan had asked for this ability. Earlier, people found a number of other ideas to save tweets for further use. They include bookmarking with a heart, DM-ing them to themselves and even retweeting. None of the above-mentioned methods are as convenient as clicking a button to save the tweet.

Facebook has already launched its own bookmarking tool several years ago, realizing that its constantly updating feed needs a save button. The date has not yet been decided when to launch the new feature and as to who will be able to test it. But the fact that “bookmark” is not a hoax is confirmed by a Twitter spokesperson. They further asked to follow @jesarshah’s account for more information about when #SaveForLater will appear.


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