South Park aired an Episode Criticising Facebook & Zuckerberg

(source: Youtube)

South Park Studios, slams Facebook &  Mark Zuckerberg for selling fake news. The second-longest-running scripted TV series in the US criticized Facebook for selling fake news. In the latest episode of South Park, Professor Chaos said, “I make money from Facebook for my fake content in order to pay Facebook to promote my fake stories.” This happens to be the most vicious and pithy criticism of the social network till date.

This particular comment depicts Zuckerberg as an indecipherable bully who protects the people selling fake news and says that kids cannot really make out the lies on social media. Quoting the dialogue from the episode, “Children lack the cognitive ability to determine what’s true.”

The episode points out at Netflix for allowing low-quality original series and also for taking advantage on the horrible abuse of women by Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein. The episode lashes out at how the fake news affects the show’s protagonist and the blunt characterization of Facebook and Zuckerberg could force the company to see its action and explanations through the lens of the public.

In this episode, Zuckerberg blames people for allowing Facebook so deep into our lives saying, “You all brought Mark Zuckerberg into your lives.” The CEO and founder of this social network were invited to town by parents, and when one of them raised a comment about how Facebook has become a tool for some to disrupt our country our country and community, Zuckerberg laughed off saying that these were not his fault. On confronting Professor Chaos and Zuckerberg, they pointed out about how a kid is deliberately lying about them on Facebook for no other reason than to cause harm and further went on to ask why was he being protected, Zuckerberg replied, “Simple, he paid me $17.23.” It is now understood that Facebook’s policy of permitting fake news because of free speech is an excuse for greed.

The question that hit me hard was, did Mark Zuckerberg think it was funny enough?

Here is the link to watch Full Episode. Enjoy!