Facebook Owned Oculus Acquires, Eye-Tracking Software Startup, The Eye Tribe

facebookOculus acquired, eye-tracking software startup, The Eye Tribe, a 16 person company. Oculus was acquired by Facebook in early 2014.With an aim to control your VR with your looks Oculus invested in The Eye Tribe.

The Eye Tribe developed a $99 eye tracking device developer kits for computers, and software that can make gaze-based interfaces to smartphones and possibly VR headsets.  

Eye Tribe also mastered a technology that could let Virtual Reality systems save computational power by creating perfect graphics only at the area we are looking. It is creating a spotlight that moves along with your eyes.

The Eye Tribe has raised about $3 million from investors like Startup Bootcamp, and taken a $2.3 million grant from The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation.

“The startup’s site put up a notice that it was changing directions earlier this month, and tech pundit Rober Scoble shared a rumor that they’d been acquired by Facebook. The Di Digitalpublication reported that the Danish business register lists Facebook became the 100% shareholder of The Eye Tribe on December 15th, and TechCrunch has now confirmed, TechCrunch reported.

It is still unclear what Oculus would do with the newly acquired tech, as it has potential for working with different kinds of apps ranging from simple gami