Instagram Stories Picks Up Yet Another Snapchat Feature, Geostickers

Instagaram PhotoInstagram yet again clones another feature of Snapchat. Instagram now offers geostickers for its Stories. It is currently only available in New York and Jakarta and comes with fun visual accessories that describe your current location.

The stickers are made to act as a location tag, so that the viewers can tap on them to explore more about the location through various others photos with the same location tab. Instagram says that this is only a basic early version of the new feature and that it plans on rolling out to other cities soon enough.

This could come as a challenging competition news to Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc. which went public recently. Via Snapchat you can only that the person in a certain location or a city but you can visually explore the place through Instagram’s new update. The stock prices were down as of yesterday for Snap Inc. we will have to wait and see if Snap Inc has more ideas in bag for us to stay loyal to Snapchat.

The update is available on both Android and iOS today, and maybe Instagram will next get a MSQRD update next.