Instagram Added ‘Paid Partnership” Tag For All Sponsored Posts

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Instagram has become a popular open platform for advertising business and product endorsements. Every minute users are marketing their products as a sponsored post on Instagram. It surpasses more than 700 million active users and a search on the hashtag “#sponsored” at least returns more than 762,000 posts on the platform.

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Facebook-owned Instagram added a new paid partnership with (advertiser name)tag on all sponsored posts and stories as a subheader. This move happened after The Federal Trade Commission sent out letters to dozens of celebrities warning them that their paid posts on Instagram didn't include sufficient product disclosure.

Instagram said that it is initially working with “a small number of creators and businesses” on the paid partnership tags and plans to make the branded-content tools more widely available in the coming months along with an official policy and enforcement guidelines, the new “paid partnership with” tool will let creators quickly tag the business they have a relationship with.”

This new effort will improve the transparency of the sponsored posts and content making it more authentic. The new created standardized format will determine if an individual post has been paid by an advertiser that will differentiate the post from a regular content to a sponsored one.

The guidelines by FTC stated that all the sponsored posts must have clear reference to show that they serve as a paid advertising either with words like ‘Sponsored by in accompanying content or by using hashtag advertiser, company, brand name. This hashtag should be used as a subheader as by putting the notification above the image it will be cleared to the followers to treat it as paid for posts rather than putting it in the description below which makes it complicated.

Instagram will also allow access to the metrics for posts with the paid partnership label to both users and advertiser. This way they will be able to track how wide their post reach is. The Creator of those posts will be able to see the metrics in Instagram itself while the business partner or brand will be able to view it on Facebook page insight apps.

It became quite difficult to distinguish between a nonadvertising content since the advertising has shifted from Television and print publication to social media and this new effort will gain more trustworthy users and buyers through an authentic sponsored online post.


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