FB Content Moderators’ Profiles Leaked To Terrorists

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It was just yesterday when Facebook talked up its efforts to wipe out accounts linked to terrorist groups and also mentioned in its blog post about using Artificial intelligence to fight any terrorist activity online. The Guardian revealed that the social media network Facebook unintentionally leaked the identities of a number of its employees working as content moderators. These workers were supposed to find out the suspected terrorist users on the social network and block them, and now after this security breach, they feel fearful for their lives.

fb content moderators profiles leaked to terrorists

This accidental leaked happened due to a bug in the company's software that exposed the personal profiles of more than 1000 content moderators across 22 departments who review content from sexual material to any post linked to terrorism to ban these groups.

Facebook describes this incident as a security lapse which has affected many workers who now feel insecure with regards to their life safety. One of the affected workers tells The Guardian that he went into hiding after this disturbing ordeal fearing retaliation. He uses to develop specialist knowledge of global terror networks and scours through often highly disturbing content and was paid just $15 per hour.

According to a Facebook Spokesman, “We care deeply about keeping everyone who works for Facebook safely and as soon as we learned about the issue, we fixed it and began a thorough investigation to learn as much as possible about what happened.”

One of the employees working as a community operations analyst at Facebook Ireland office hired by global outsourcing company Cpl Recruitment has filed a lawsuit against Facebook and Cpl seeking compensation for the mental trauma he has faced as a result of this security breach.

The workers first caught this breach after they started receiving a friend request from people associated with terrorist groups like Isis, Hezbollah, and the Kurdistan Workers Party.


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