E-comm Giant Shopify Introduces Instagram Shopping Feature


(Image Source: Tech Crunch)

Shopify soon to roll out Instagram shopping integration to hundreds of merchants. Shopify added one more sales channels to its existing sales integration for social media sites and apps. Currently, Shopify allows its merchants to sell through Facebook, FB Messenger, Buzzfeed and several other channels.

Shopify has been testing Instagram shopping feature throughout 2017, and finally, it opened the gates to billions of people. The feature allows tagging of the products that are available for sale and then letting users purchase directly from the Application. It is a seamless experience for both users and sellers to target and sell & buy on the platform. The process is straightforward wherein the user can directly purchase within the app only out of those products merchant have tagged. Setting up the integration is also very easy, like setting up the integration with Facebook and other sites.

Shopify was trying to get into the market as it knows that the market is already huge and population on the platform is such that the seller can target potential customers. Day by day increasing traffic to the platform help merchants to divert more traffic for the better sales conversation.

This feature is not yet rolled out for real-time merchants as this feature is only available to selected merchants for testing purpose and soon they will be rolling out to thousands of existing merchants it already has on the platform.

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