Snapchat Planning The Change For Snap Map Operation In Europe

Snapping Social Media App, Snapchat is planning to change how Snap Map operates in Europe in compliance with EU's new privacy rules. The changes might include that the location tracking for Snap Map will be disabled for the teenagers who are not 16 years old in the region. The most popular teen app has faced a lot of criticism in Europe for how it exposes the location of the children on the Snap Map when they launched it last summer.

Just after the launch, some of the European schools wrote to parents warning to safeguard over the feature; police as well raised the concern regarding the Snap Map feature especially for teenagers.

According to Financial Times, the messaging app will stop collecting the location data for younger European teens. The Spokesman from the company said that it will generally no longer process or collect any data that might require parental consent. But Sanpchat doesn't want to put a limit on someone signing up who is not less than 13 years old.

GDPR includes the new prerequisites on children's personal data and setting the age limit to 16-year-old on the ability to consent that their data is being processed. But we never know that what officials have to say about this. There are major possibilities that they may reduce the age limit.

In an FAQ on its website related to GDPR acquiescence and taking parental consent for users under the age of 16, Snapchat says: “To the extent Snap relies on consent to process personal data of users between 13 and 16, we will make the reasonable efforts required to confirm that consent has been given by someone who holds parental responsibility while respecting the need to minimize further data collection.”

The level of detail on the Snap Map has been flagged as a major privacy issue due to its precise location of the users mapping system. It can even show that if the person is in flight or car or traveling by any other mode. Even Snapchat users informally refer to the feature as a tool to “stalk” their friends.

It is being said that Snapchat copied this feature from one of the French startup Zenly and later acquired the startup.

Reference: Tech Crunch

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