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For becoming a good photographer, you surely need a good eye for capturing the scenic moments, but for excelling and enhancing your photographic skills, you need the best kit. Yes, photography is an art, but if you are not learning and presenting it a better way, you would remain standstill. To go far in the photography game, you need a proper platform to showcase that includes an online portfolio. Besides, hiring a web designer is pocket drilling, and indeed a reason why many photographers with skills are lagging behind. But with SmugMug, you don’t need a web designer, as it is a code-free website builder that enables you to easily create a web portfolio like a professional as a custom-made site in just a fraction of the web designers charges. 

Why Choose SmugMug?

In 2002, SmugMug was developed as an online gallery space for the creative photographer community to give them the freedom to display their skills inexpensively. It offers portfolio templates with variable layouts with optimal settings to ensure every image you load displays beautifully on the portfolio page. This makes SmugMug the best choice as a website builder for a creative community, including artists, designers, and photographers. SmugMug platform can be used to show and even to avail for sell of your visual work online. It is a quick and easily available website to publish photos from your smartphone to the SmugMug gallery in minutes.

SmugMug Review

SmugMug Beautiful Portfolio Designs

SmugMug has an abundant collection of the most aesthetic designs specifically suitable for a photography portfolio or website. Every design is entirely customizable and flexible. SmugMug has a design editor that allows you to create a custom theme or design. The designs provided by SmugMug are accurate for most demanding designers and photographers in 99% of cases. Its layout makes every photography the centerpiece of its design.

Image Hosting

Image hosting is extremely important for blogging, and with SmugMug, images are hosted on the SmugMug server. It reduces the server load and makes the backup process smooth. It also saves time of resizing images. 

SmugMug Lightroom Plugin

For any photographer, Lightroom is the centerpiece of their workflow of photography. For developing every photo, the Lightroom is the first and last space. After doing all the meta dating, keywording, and the GPS tagging in Lightroom, the SmugMug Lightroom plugin synchronizes all the corresponding data and images through the SmugMug account. This plugin takes all the work of manual transfer and data entry. Besides, for double security, all the portfolio photos are safely backed up and easily available at full resolution.


SmugMug’s ever pricing plan contains unlimited uploads packed with all the necessary tools needed for creating a beautiful, easily sharable photo site. It has 4 plans- Basic, Power, Portfolio, and Pro. All the plans are affordable, and if applied SmugMug Discount code, the brand offers additional savings. It also offers a 2-week trial. 

Final Words

SmugMug is among the most polished and mature online solutions for photographers. The combination of SmugMug’s beautiful design, flexibility, customization, and powerful professional features makes SmugMug as a one-stop solution for any photographer. It also has a wide range of e-commerce options for selling your photo and designs. It has a professional web store option with unlimited photo and video hosting; any photographer must try!


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