The New App Named Smoke Introduces Steam To Apple Watch

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The new update on Apple Watch is the most effective and endearing way for gamers who use Steam, the online video game store. Smoke, the new app will bring all the Steam updates. Simply check in the App Store and you will not only explore a wide array of games but also find out what your peers are after.

The ultimate gaming platform, Steam, is undoubtedly an abundance of up-to-date features, sales, competition, and others. Therefore, it is a frustration for most of the gamers. Besides, other than downloading games, the Steam interface is not dear to many. Apple introduced Smoke to deal with this issue. 

Smoke is introduced as it "brings parts of Steam" to the Apple Watch. As you install the app (currently free), you will get the hassle-free experience of using Steam. You can easily access all important updates and statistics from your account as well as your friends' accounts.

The New App Named Smoke Introduces Steam To Apple Watch

Even though Smoke 1.0 was introduced on 28th December 2019 yet the developers had to fix a bug where the 'You' section of the Apple Watch app would not load if you had not played any games recently. Later, it got fixed.

You can’t use Smoke if your Steam account is private. So, you have to make it public. Those who do not know how to change it, Smoke will provide you a link to the process. 

In the beginning itself, the brand new app is equipped with impressive features and services such as an update on your achievement status and total playtime, store information for the games, online friends and their recently played games, reading, and sharing new articles and so on. 

However, you have to purchase Smoke Plus for $0.99 to access two essential features: saving a new article to your phone by a single tap and choosing the theme color and changing the app icon. The app is developed by Damien Sheridan, who already has three products on Apps Store, including Smoke for Steam.


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