Slack Technologies Acquires Astro, Plans To Unite Email And Chat

As one of the major part to replace email, Slack Technologies Inc. is embracing it. The company has unveiled today that it has acquired Astro Technology Inc., which is a three-year-old email management startup having based out of San Francisco. Astro launched out of stealth mode in the year 2017 with an email client which has been featured a built-in virtual assistant, and later ported the underlying automation technology to Slack as a standalone chatbot offering.

Astrobot, as the product is called, helps its users to manage emails directly in the chat interface. It packs with a wide range of a set of advanced features that lend themselves to much more than just viewing and replying to messages at a regular interval of time. A worker can have Astrobot remind them to answer an email at a later date, archive old items after a certain time period to keep their inbox organized and set alerts for important messages.

The bot’s centralized search could prove highly valuable for Slack due to the same sort of reason. It also helps to enable users to search emails via the native interface will reduce the amount of time they need to spend in their inboxes, which should ultimately strengthen Slack’s hold on office communications. As part of the same effort, the company has invested in expanding the capabilities of its platform’s built-in search tool.

Astro as of now is going to stop its services for Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa and Slack on 10of October. This means that the service will likely reappear sometime in the future as a native component of Slack, or perhaps as a premium offering geared toward enterprises.

The team chat provider is keeping mum about exactly what will happen with Astrobot in the wake of the acquisition. The only detail that Slack revealed in a report is that the deal represents its largest acquisition to date, although it didn’t share the financial terms.

In the past slack bought, Atlassian Corp. PLC’s rival HipChat and Strike team chat services for an undisclosed sum in a deal aimed at migrating the users who relied on those products to its platform.

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