Skype Introduces New Features To Its Messaging Service

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One of the eminent video-calling and voice-calling service providers, Skype, has introduced a new line of features to its messaging medium as a desperate means to revive it.

Skype is one of the oldest players in the instant messaging service market, but the emergence of Whatsapp, Telegram, FB’s instant messaging app, among many others, has pushed it to the back seat. However, Skype still holds its forte with loyal customers that prefer it over the rest. 

Skype has introduced draft features to its messaging service, which is in line with email. Similar to the way, you save unsent emails in your drafts, you can also save draft messages in your skype that you can edit or send later. You can also bookmark important messages and retrieve them instantly when needed. 

Skype also announced the launch of another feature in a blog post. Instead of filling up your screen with all the received photos and videos, Skype will now organize them and let you view them one by one. You can also preview photos and videos before sending them. 

Skype Introduces New Features To Its Messaging Service

While Skype may have lost its place as the leading instant messaging service app, it still sits on the laptops and PCs of millions of people around the world.

Skype has always been considered more of a professional communication medium rather than a personal communication app. Skype calling has become synonymous with video calling and has been used as the official communication tool in most enterprises. 

Skype has also extended its split window support to all versions of Windows and added Mac and Linux to its supported operating systems.

Most of the newly added features don't come as an innovation but only as a way of catching up with other messaging apps.

However, the Microsoft-owned company believes that it still has a lot more to offer and the launch of these new features hint that the company is ready to go neck in neck with other messaging platforms.


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