Skydio 2 Dock Comes For Persistent Autonomous Drone Operations

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Earlier this week, California-based Skydio had launched it's Skydio 2 putting an end to the months-long anticipation. On October 17th, the drone manufacturer announced its next product, Skydio 2 Dock to enable persistent autonomous drone operations. 

The self-contained charging station for Skydio 2 is built based on the concept “drone in a box.” The box contains a motorized door, slide-out arm, and a built-in charging station. 

This box can be placed outside at the construction site, and have the Skydio 2 fly autonomous missions to do various functions.

Through the recurrent mapping of construction sites, it enables a complete automated data collection for a multitude of enterprise applications. And the drone does not need to depend on GPS to fly back to the box.

Skydio 2 Dock Comes For Persistent Autonomous Drone Operations

By this new dock launch, it is considered as Skydio’s perfect entry to the commercial drone market. According to Skydio, as the dock supports persistent operations, users can see a 10-fold increase in the drone program.

“The Skydio 2 Dock brings together the most advanced autonomous drone in the world with a compact, lightweight, and accessible dock solution.

It fits in a carry-on suitcase, can be set up in minutes, and uses the proven Skydio Autonomy Engine to intelligently accomplish complex tasks,” Skydio announced on its blog. 

The release date or the price of the dock is yet to come. According to The Verge, it is expected to come in the market in the first quarter of 2020. 

Bringing an automated mapping and surveillance to the industrial and commercial entities is the fundamental intention of Skydio 2. Along with the launch of Skydio 2, the company had announced its partnership with DroneDeploy.

The mapping mechanism of the drone developed a collaborating DroneDeploy mapping platform. As a successor of its first drone Skydio R1, the new drone has different advanced features. If the first one was at $2,500, the Skydio 2 starts at $999.


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