Startup in Review: Sifthub | Tinder For TV Shows In Market

Sifthub Introduction

The arrival of the new avatar, Sifthub, is going to have an easy way for streaming your TV shows. The recently introduced app is going to be the trend in a few days. With the latest features, Sifthub breaks the conventional ways of finding and watching TV Shows. Finding the up to date shows is not a difficult task anymore. Sifthub welcomes a delicious feast of TV shows.

According to the makers, the main aim of Sifthub is to make finding TV shows easy. The TV show lovers in this fast-growing world demand a better experience of watching TV shows. Sifthub is ready to overcome the drawbacks of exciting TV show apps. The major issue that exists in the field is the wasting of time searching for the latest TV shows. Sifthub provides a better and easy method of finding your favorite TV shows.

Now let us see some of the inside features of the App:

Swipe-Based Interface

Unlike many other video streaming platforms, you can easily find your favorite TV shows with just a swipe. This is how Sifthub is making their own place among various streaming apps. The first reactions from users translate that this platform is extraordinary with its easy method. Sifthub provides the trailers of trending videos, and you can easily watch with just a swipe. Most of the TV Show streaming platforms lack this 4fantastic feature. You don’t need to search from the junkyard of shows. The trailers come with full details of the shows. You can keep track of all the shows.

Up to Date & Trending TV Shows

Sifthub provides a new TV show every day. This is a watermark in the history of TV shows streaming. Sifthub saves your time by offering trending videos every day. Now, you are not waiting for the shows; rather shows are waiting for you. The more trending videos are easily accessible here. Sifthub does not give a chance to watch a show twice with its rich collection of shows. One more feature brings a better experience of watching; you will get the most appropriate suggested TV shows. You can discover your favorite shows too.

The New Experience of Sharing

Yes, you love to share your favorite shows on social media. Sifthub introduces the latest and easy method of sharing the shows on social media. And you can add movies manually. Sifthub promotes getting suggestions from outside. You can get suggestions from friends outside Sifthub directly. That is, your friends can find shows in Sifthub and they can recommend the show for you. It means a lot for the world of TV Show Streaming.

How Does It Work?

Makers' Words

Danny Fawaz and Peter Hsieh, the founders of Sifthub, are looking forward with confidence. The more features are yet to come. “Initially, we’re focusing on TV shows discovery, but we definitely have discussion/impression on our roadmap. And, the initial launch in the US only. Later, we plan to roll out to other territories later”, Peter said. The TV show lovers are excited about the new app and expecting new updates in the future.

Users' Reviews

Users give five stars for Sifthub in the initial stage itself. Many subscribers have started appreciating the easy method and the methodology of finding the show results. Lack of some features never pull back the users from Sifthub. And they expect that more features will come in the future. Anyway, the swipe-based interface, the important feature of Sifthub, has well received.

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