Shopify Introduces Its Email Marketing Platform For The Merchants

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Shopify has a pivotal role in elevating several merchants in the online space and enhancing revenue. Started as a marketplace, it has become merchants’ primary platform to sell their products in an effective way. To make the platform more effective, the eCommerce firm has introduced Shopify Email. Merchants can start using the platform right from the beginning of 2020.  

In recent years, Shopify updated and introduced different tools to maximize the output of digital marketing. The latest addition is to help the crowded marketing place: Email.

Shopify Email simplifies the process of the email marketing campaign. A merchant can create, run, and track the campaign inside Shopify Marketing. Last year, Shopify had launched its marketing tools to reach out to more valuable customers.

The new marketing tool is aiming at bringing robust communication between merchants and customers with all essential tools. You are allowed to choose from a long array of ready-made designs. Shopify is already famous for the innumerable attractive templates. The users are allowed to send the content to the customers from any domain. Also, it is possible to use the merchant’s own dashboard to manage and track the campaigning.

Creating email content is super simple on the platform. Shopify brings all the designs of your brand to your dashboard, and you just have to pick the template. Besides, customization is also available. You can send the content just as you do for other mails. Here, you can send it to all your recipients with a single click. You get an actionable report from Shopify to make more productive decisions.  

As it is going to roll out in the early days of 2020, the service is free of cost in the beginning. Shopify assures that the service would be quite affordable in the long run, as well. The platform has built a blog for customers and enthusiasts to learn more about Shopify Email marketing


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