Shipfix’s $4.5M Seed Fund Will Revolutionize Dry Cargo Shipping

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Despite digitization in almost all sectors, the dry cargo industry has not transformed much. Considering this, a new dry cargo service provider, Shipfix, is to revolutionize the field with innovative ideas, and it has raised $4.5 million in seed funding to establish its name. 

European venture capital firm Idinvest Partners led the round with participation from Kima Ventures, Bpifrance, The Family, and others. 

The London based Shipfix is founded by the CEO Serge Alleyne and COO Antoine Grisay. With a revolutionary mission, the startup rolled out its service in October 2019. Shipfix aims to bring a change through improving communication mediums in the dry cargo shipping industry. It helps the dry cargo industry make a better collaboration with its messaging platform using email-crunching market monitor and data intelligence.

Shipfix’s $4.5M Seed Fund Will Revolutionize Dry Cargo Shipping

According to Alleyne, the bulk/break-bulk space misses data-driven insight, and Shipfix is to fill the void. He also reminds that the last revolution that happened in the industry was email, yet the data available in the mail is not used productively.

To overcome this issue, Shipfix aggregates its clients’ data and analyzes them using deep learning technology. It eliminates the process of checking mail routinely. They get the aggregated data in a comprehensive structure. 

The platform also accelerates the speed of communication across teams. Besides, a company can manage the progress of its leads, share all ship details, and so on. Shipfix’s Live market monitoring will be a unique innovation in the dry cargo industry. This automated process saves a whole lot of time from the companies and gets shipping overview quickly.

Currently, the customers of Shipfix are from the sectors closely related to the cargo industry. However, the startup will expand the services to insurers, banks, governments, and investment firms. As it was recently launched, the company consists of 15 employees, and all the employees are not working in London. The remote-based team spread across London, Paris, and Toulouse.


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