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Shareinside contains the investor websites from public companies all across the globe, gathered and standardized into a single convenient format with alerts. A global information platform that you must have if you invest in the financial market. Browse investor websites with all the information you need to invest and always gets informed, unbiased and unaltered. The company aim is to eliminate the fake news and politically biased news that will skew your decision making then trading the shares. You can even build a custom watchlist, subscribe to alerts, research new investments and follow the companies in your investing portfolio.

Use The Financial Investment App For Free

There is no any type of hidden charges or no advertising for using the app to get the news about any companies you invest in or before you to buy shares.

Get Updates And News Directly From The Companies

Focus on the reliable updates and news from the companies themselves that will impact your shares, stocks and equities investment. As shareholders, you can read more than just the company profiles. You can also view the location and time of the shareholder meeting as they happen.

Personalize Your Newsfeed And Alerts

there are so many companies out there and it is not possible to keep track of them all. SharesInside you can easily choose which companies to follow. They can be the company in your investment portfolio or the companies you are interested in for shares trading and business investing purposes.


Follow Companies From Around the World in English

The app has its users in more than 80 countries and with more than 200 listed companies. SharesInside also helps to break the language barriers in business investing.

Real-Time Market Updates And Historical Data

You can also view all the latest stock prices and historical data such as the dividend history, annual reports and ESG reporting dating back over till 5 years. With SharesInside, trading equities and stock investment are much easier.

Easy To Navigate.

SharesInside is very easy to navigate and intuitive. Browsing, reading and personalizing news in the app is much more seamless and simple User Interface.


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