Enterprise Cloud Service Platform ServiceNow To Acquire FriendlyData

One of the largest Enterprise cloud service platform, ServiceNow today in a report has announced that it will be going to acquire the FriendlyData and will integrate the startup Natural language search innovative technology into the apps on its own platform. The startup which is founded in the year 2016, FriendlyData’s natural language query technology will enable the enterprise customers to build up the search tools which will allow the users to ask the technical questions even if there is an issue with respect to the right jargon.

FridnlyData’s NLQ technology figures out what exactly they are trying to say and then the answers with the easy to understand data visualizations and with text responses as well. The company said that it will integrate the FriendlyData’s technology into the Now Platform which includes the application for security operations, customer service, IT and human resource management. As it will also be available in products for the developers and ServiceNow partners.

In a statement, Pat Casey, senior vice president of development and operations at ServiceNow, said “ServiceNow is bringing NLQ capabilities to the Now Platform, enabling companies to ask technical questions in plain English and receive direct answers. With this technical enhancement, our goal is to allow anyone to easily make data-driven decisions, increasing productivity and driving businesses forward faster.”

The deal of FriendlyData is the latest in ServiceNow’s initiative to simply reduce the friction of support request within the organizations with the help of Artificial Intelligence-based tools, As just like for example, it launched a chatbot building tools which is called as Virtual Agent in May, which also enable the organizations to create the custom chatbots for some of the great brands like the Microsoft teams and slack to handle the routine inquiries such as equipment request automatically. The company has also announced the acquisition of Parlo, which is a chatbot startup launch in the year 2018. Such forward-looking statements include statements regarding future product offerings and expected benefits to ServiceNow. These statements reflect the current beliefs of ServiceNow and are based on current information available to the company as of the date hereof.

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