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For developing and managing sites, every WordPress developer has their own stock of plugins, tools, and processes to make the process easy and save a lot of time. There is innumerable website developer software in the market, which also needs time-consuming manual configuration such as creating the database, edit the hosted files, etc. Especially if anyone is from a non-developers background, then it’s a difficult process. For taking all your pain and eliminating time-consuming processes, ServerPress has developed DesktopServer as a tool to create a web server environment on your PC to quickly and effortlessly spin up WordPress sites. 

What Is ServerPress’ DesktopServer?

Stephen J Carnam, a software ‘extensioneer’, created ServerPress, LLC, as a platform to share executive solutions using web technologies such as WordPress, especially for powerful web development and creative design. It has developed a tool named DesktopServer to make the ever WordPress developer job much easy and faster. DesktopServer is developed to create a new site with just a few mouse clicks. It can also install all the necessary WordPress files and develop the database. DesktopServer has fully customizable blueprints for automation. It can also deploy or import an existing site to a live server in a couple of minutes. 

Why Choose ServerPress’ DesktopServer?

ServerPress’ DesktopServer is a tool for Windows and macOS that has a simple step-by-step wizard that enables you to create multiple local WordPress websites. DesktopServer is much simpler to work with as compared to the local WordPress development tools. With DesktopServer’s entire creation process, the developer can choose the suitable WordPress version among various versions to install for the developed site and assigning a domain name. With DesktopServer, the developer can mess around with themes, plugins, and sites without disrupting the process. 

ServerPress Review

DesktopServer Key Features

DesktopServer gives a functional experience with only a few fuss, which is entirely harmful. It has groundbreaking features such as-

  • DesktopServer enables a developer to map domains to their local sites.
  • DesktopServer enables you to delete or duplicate your sites any time you want.
  • DesktopServer includes a wizard that helps the developer to create new local WordPress websites.
  • Using DesktopServer’s free version, it makes it possible to manage up to 3 local sites.
  • DesktopServer supports MySQL, Apache, and PHP 5.5.


ServerPress’ DesktopServer has 2 versions- free and premium. Even though DesktopServer has a free version, you are still asked to register for downloading the DesktopServer free version, which is just a small amount to pay. Besides, its free version comes with limited features. The premium version is very affordable that has several additional impactful features such as WordPress ‘blueprints’, export ability, multisite, test setups archive, etc. the brand offers an additional discount when applied ServerPress Coupon code at the checkout page. 

Final Words

ServerPress’s DesktopServer tool has mature and clarified processes to help all the developers to not only save money and time, but also to develop powerful, unique, attractive, and timely solutions. DesktopServer develops tools that essentially cater to professional developers and creative designers as well. Its premium licenses authorize you to updates during the entire year. In addition, the developer can also share the license to several computers to make it a decent option for professional teams.


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