Securly Secures $16M in Series B Funding Led By Defy Partners

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Securly, a San Jose, CA-based startup which is focused on keeping kids safe online has now secured $16 Million in the funding round of Series B. The round which makes the total venture capital to date to $24 Million was led by the Defy partners with collaboration from the Own Ventures.

The company as of now has a plans to use the funds to accelerate further research and development in the K-12 safety and ramp up the sales and support team.

The company is co-founded by the Bharath Madhusudan and Vinay Mahadik. Securly is a student safe company that offers Edtech safety solutions. Its Auditor & Filter products provide electronic monitoring, alerting & filtering solutions to thousands of schools districts across the globe. Moreover, the company has also expanded its product suite to include the Tipline, Classroom, Hub and parental portal.

securly secures $16m in series

It has machine learning algorithms which are constantly trained by the safety specialists with safe and unsafe content and when the algorithms flag any of the new content as potentially disturbing, 24×7 student safety experts engage with the alerts to evaluate the fuller context which is behind the flagged activity, eliminate the false alarms and reach out to schools, parents or authorities as per needed.

The company as of now has more than 2000 paid school districts and a similar number of districts which is using its free Chromebook filtering and email auditing services. It has more than 500000 parents on its parent portal with more than 7 million total students server, with 5 thousand schools server till now.

“Securly has built a personal and safe unified platform that allows everyone from parents and educators, to IT admins, teachers, counselors and superintendents to all participants in the students' online safety and wellness,” the CEO Vinay Mahadik, of Securly said. “Each product and service in this platform informs the other, and leverages some of the most advanced human-assisted Artificial Intelligence to create a safe future for the kids which is as of now something only uniquely possible with Securly.”


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