Scrivener Not A guide for How To Write But Empower Needs of Writing

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Writing is for sure the biggest adventure because you have to go through valleys of sentences, mountains of words, hurdles of grammar, etc. to reach your destiny. Passing through this adventure is like you have reached half-a-way, whereas presenting your skills accurately will complete you. Word processors are fine, but for extraordinary writing, a platform that aids you with the creative process of writing long texts is essential. Scrivener is the one tool through which you can achieve this goal. 

Scrivener is created by Literature & Latte, content software for long writings. The University of Essex pass out Keith Blount founded the writing app Scrivener, which is specially designed for novels and thesis.

Keith has no background in programming. He got the idea of creating an app for writing a longer text when he personally faced a situation. He used to have a bundle of Microsoft Word documents in different folders on his desktop. He used the same place to write summaries of a variety of parts on index cards and also in spreadsheets of Excel, shuffling, recording the specific text in Words. 

Scrivener Not A guide for How To Write But Empower Needs of Writing

Keith even used to research and make notes, and it went terrible for him to recall and rearrange those files on a single screen while making final drafts. Keith looked for some top writing apps, but somehow he was not satisfied with the features. Eventually, he decided to create an app where everything would be done at the same place in a single screen as per his convenience. 

Scrivener does not offer standard features like a grammar check, phrasing sentence, plagiarism, etc. like every writing tool provides. Scrivener is a superior form of Microsoft Word, which comes up with a management system for notes, documents, and metadata. This management system grants users to organize notes, research, concepts, and whole documents for convenient use and easy reference. It won’t guide you how to write, but it empowers you with everything you need for writing.

Scrivener has access to documents like rich text documents, PDFs, web pages, images, videos, etc. It has various templates such as fiction, screenplays, and non-fiction manuscripts, etc.

This writing tool can be used for writing thesis and long documents, research studies, etc. and it also provides you the option to share the written document to standard screenwriting software, word processor, desktop publishing software, or TeX. 

While writing a novel, you can set targets like 50-70k words with the help of Scrivener’s project target feature. It also has a feature named session target, which helps you to track current session words count. For boosting yourself throughout the session, you can keep the ‘session target’ window open as it features a progress bar that highlights the track of your words. It has a fun feature of reviewing your index cards and paper on a corkboard.

When you enable a color-coded feature, you can code color for scenes, chapters, notes, character profiles, and everything you have.

This writing tool has a unique feature for those who like multitasking as it works on two documents at once. It has a distraction-free composition mode, which auto-saves the documents and also inspects to make it ready for publishing. Scrivener is available for macOS, Windows, and iOS.


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