Cloud Constellation Corporation Encures $100M in Series B Funding

Cloud Constellation Corporation, a space-based cloud service provider of the data security services has now secured $100 Million in the funding round of Series B.

The investment was done by HCH Group Company Ltd.

The startup which is led by the Clifford W. Beek. Cloud Constellation offers the SpaceBelt, an innovative cloud service for the protection of an organization strategic, mission-critical data assets. Its data security as a service offers the secure, global managed network services and cloud data storage in the space to the enterprise, government, and military organizations.

SpaceBelt offers the secure, dynamic networks and cloud data storage services between any of the locations on the Earth utilizing a network of eight satellites in the low earth orbit.

The company has its offices situated in Europe, Washington DC, and Los Angeles.

“We are as of now working on eliminating the risk [of data breaches] associated with terrestrial infrastructure,” Dennis Gatens, Cloud Constellation chief commercial officer, told in a report which has been revealed. “We're bringing some of the great concepts to market a solution that provides what we consider the strongest security capability possible as on a daily basis security theft is high on the verge.”

“HCH's financial commitment to SpaceBelt builds on our momentum to execute on our basic goals and vision to offer some of the more global data protection that even uses the commercial space,” Cloud Constellation CEO Cliff Beek said in a statement at the time of interview.

The company has also revealed some of the several prospective customers, as well as a partnership with the IBM earlier this year to explore how the data storage may be much more secure if placed in the orbit at any point of time.

“We have not published our pricing, but we discuss our pricing with some of our team members on this” potential customers, Gatens said. “We feel that we should have a very strong understanding of what customers will pay … they will pay a premium for a very strong level of security that is revolving nowadays over the web.”

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