SAP Takes Over Altiscale

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Today, SAP announced the acquisition of Altiscale, a startup which provides cloud-based versions of Hadoop and Spark. These are open source softwares that store, process and analyze various kinds of data. It was reported that SAP was investing more than $125 million, although none of the companies confirmed it. Now, Altiscale and SAP announced the acquisition through a press release and blog post respectively.

sap takes over altiscale

The terms of the deal were not closed but it was said that the acquisition process is over and that their technologies are being integrated.

“Altiscale is a natural fit for SAP, as we share our overall focus of helping enterprises derive business value from data — and successfully leverage big data,” Altiscale’s statement said. “Since Altiscale is a leader in big data-as-a-service based on Hadoop and Spark, it enables SAP to drive end-to-end value in Big Data across the technology, data platform, PaaS [platform as a service], analytics, and application stack.”

Apart from featuring their technology in SAP’s range, Altiscale’s team plans to work on SAP’s strategy for data and platform. Their investors include Accel Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, Northgate, General Catalyst Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Wildcat Venture Partners. Competitors include Amazon Web Services (with Elastic MapReduce), Databricks, and Qubole.


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