Key Features of Samsung S9 and S9 Plus Which Are Missing in iPhone X

The wait is over, Samsung S9 and S9+ are here in India, and to our knowledge, they are everything we excepted and more. The two new Samsung’s smartphones are a direct challenge to Apple’s new line of phones, iPhone 8, iPhone Plus and the iPhone X/10.

And why of course, Samsung had new features that are missing in the iPhone flagship phone, iPhone X. Let’s check out these new features that are missing in iPhone X.

Camera Tech

Dual Camera Tech

iPhone’s pride, its camera now has a worthy competition, Samsung’s all-new dual aperture camera. The smart new tech allows the sensors to shift aperture of the phone’s camera from f/1.5 to f/2.4, based on the lighting conditions. And yes, iPhone’s camera isn't this smart or any other smartphone’s camera in the market.

Better Looking Animojis

Animojis made smarter

Animoji is a concept that started off with you talking as different emojis and sending the recording to your friends. But now with Samsung new OS you can create your animojis like Snap Inc’s Bitmojis, dress them up and design them according to your appearance.

Speaker Power

Comes with speakers on both ends

And the rumors are true, Samsung’s S9 and S9+ come with strep speakers. Oh! And they can be seen at both ends of the phone. Now, isn’t that impressive? You can finally say to your portable speakers with the Samsung’s new flagship phones.

Headphone Jack

Samsung retains its Headphone Jack

While Apple got rid of its headphone jack with its iPhone 7 and seems to have been continuing the decision even with the iPhone X, Samsung chose to keep the Headphone Jack even with its brand new phones.

Fast Wireless Charging

Super fast wireless charging

iPhone debuted its wireless charging with its latest line of phones, and Samsung has been ahead of the game in wireless charging for a few years now. So, of course, the company is only going to work the tech to make it better, and with the new phone, you can expect faster wireless charging.

Fingerprint Unlock

Unlock your phone with both, Face ID and Fingerprint

While the world is going gaga about the Apple’s face ID, Samsung has already done that, and now Samsung kept its face ID along with the fingerprint sensor so that you can have the convenience of both the options. Because really, you never know when you need one, and either way Samsung making the phones as secure as possible.

The DeX Support

Improve productivity with DeX Support

Samsung S9 and S9+ come with the DeX support, something that is missing with Apple’s iPhone X. DeX is a docking system which was introduced along with the Galaxy S8 in 2017, allowing you to access your smartphone’s interface on the big screen, improving your productivity.

Source: Gadgets Now