Samsung Working On Remote Access Technology

Samsung has now revealed a Remote Access, a new feature for its upcoming 2019 smart TV that promises to let users remotely access their PC’s on their TV screens with the help of connected mouse and keyboard. According to the company report, the feature will let the people work on documents, surf the web, play games, and even stream the content on their smart TV screens, all that with the help of a laptop or PC. Connections can be wireless and the PC does not even have to be in the same house as just like the TV. The feature also helps to extend to smartphone, tablets. Moreover, Samsung has not revealed details such as the operation system computability yet.

According to the report which Samsung has revealed shows that, users will be able to connect their PC’s or other devices with the help of a standard home network or use a Wi-Fi Direct connection without the need of any for a router as well. Remote access could also include the media streaming as well as the remote desktop access.

There is also the option to use a cloud-hosted PC service, which the Samsung will offer in the partnership with the VMWare. This service will include office productivity software, but there are no specifics of what exactly is possible and whether this will require any of the subscriptions as well. It appears that this service will also be available to the users of the other Samsung devices.

Users will b able to connect a mouse and keyboard directly to their smart TV to control the remote PC or some other device. The company has also promised a convenient and intuitive user experience. Also, thanks to the VMWare partnership and the company own Knox security service, users will be able to access and control their devices from anywhere across the globe, not just within their homes. Samsung also revealed that the periodic software updates would keep the system much more secure, though it is not known that how long each TV models will be supported.

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