Samsung Partners with IrissVision To Help Individuals with Low Vision

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Samsung has joined hands with IrisVision, the first-ever startup that makes vision aiding wearables for people with low vision. This strategic partnership with Samsung will assist the startup in flourishing its technology on a global level.

IrisVision is presently using Samsung's hardware, which includes Samsung's smartphones, virtual reality headsets, and mobile AI platforms. As per the partnership agreement, IrisVision will carry on Samsung's R&D, and both the companies will continue to work on the expansion of the usage of Samsung technologies, which include Samsung 5G mobile phones, Bixby AI platform and XR headsets. Besides, Samsung will also help IrisVision to make connections with the vision-impaired healthcare communities.

Ammad Khan, IrisVision co-founder said, partnership with Samsung technology will help IrisVision with the technology and support along with its worldwide business networks. This support will also revolutionize the new era of IrisVision products to detect and partly treat the condition from any corner of the world.

Samsung Partners with IrissVision To Help Individuals with Low Vision

In a press release, Samsung Electronics' corporate vice president of global strategic alliances, Edward Choi, said the efforts of IrisVision enables the sight-impaired individuals to live independently with the invention of their vision aids technology is astonishing. Our team is going to help IrisVision with guidance on technology integration and market strategies to help every patient with low vision. 

Frank Werblin, professor at the University of California, Berkeley with Ammad Khan, founded IrisVision in 2013. With a mission to introduce transforming technology to millions who are visually impaired or suffering from low vision problems. IrisVision makes economical and comfortable headsets.

Clinical trials like Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center were launched by IrisVision. Its product is made to help patients suffering from macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, and other general vision conditions. It is registered as an FDA Class I medical device.


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