Now Increase Your Productivity Via SalesHandy Email Marketing Tool

Lead generation is always challenging, so it’s great to have a helping hand. When you contact and nurture a potential lead pool, it’s important to identify the most engaged prospects from that pool. This helps you focus your efforts to achieve better results.

SalesHandy An Introduction

SalesHandy is an email tool that helps you understand which prospects from your lead pool are highly engaged and most likely to convert into a lead when you contact them.

Mail Merge

Mail Merge is definitely the outstanding feature offered by the Sales Handy because it allows you to send personalized emails up to 200 receipts instantly without the need to worry about the deliverability issue. Whenever mass emails are sent, you might be considered as a spammer. To prevent your deliverability rate. And in case if some of the emails were not sent then you can track the reason for delivery failure along with the email addresses that were false. This feature can be used from any email account such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other.

Send Automatic Follow-up Emails

According to the survey, 65% of the total recipients don’t even respond to the initial emails. To keep the conversations in track send the Auto to follow up emails to a recipient according to this response – “not replied,” “not opened,” “sent.” They can even be scheduled and created while creating a campaign where you even need to set a time interval, date and select the type of response. Sales Handy allows you to send up to 9 follow up emails which help in increasing the response rate of around 95%. You can analyze the statistics with a detailed report for the follow-up emails at every point of the stage.

Email Scheduling

You no longer have to wait until midnight to click a send mail button. Email scheduling is an extremely and interesting useful feature offered by the Sales Handy which allows you to schedule your emails to be sent a particular time and date. You also have the flexibility in selecting the time zones of the recipient giving you one less issue to worry about. View all your scheduled emails in the dashboard or the drafts section.

Document Tracking

This is a fascinating feature which allows you to track presentations, documents, pitch desks, sales proposals, marketing material, sales collateral after sending them, etc. you can also understand the user engagement with the sent documents to improve the sales strategy.

This feature even allows you to share password protected files, word files, PDF sales sheets, etch and prevents users from the unnecessary downloading of the uploaded documents.

To Sum Up

Sales Handy is an ideal software for any small scale, medium scale businesses, bloggers, freelancers, and HR-recruiters to grow their businesses and increase the reach. It is definitely a one-stop solution featuring email tracking, mail merge, document tracking, team management, email templates, etc. for all the email related problems faced in daily life.