S2F Alternative Bitcoin Rainbow Chart Sale Is On Fire

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The stock-to-flow is designed to give a calculated price to Bitcoin. It is based on hard-coded digital scarcity, as per the report by Eric Wall, the Chief Investment Officer of Arcane Assets. Eric Wall said that the S2F model is flawed but Rainbow Chart has the potential to provide a high tech model that can predict Bitcoin trajectory.  

Due to COVID-19, the sale of record-breaking Bitcoins has slowed down along with some other cryptocurrencies. This failure has also broken the 7-year trend line record of Bitcoin, broken logarithmic growth graph, and crashed valuation model. The new event of the stock-to-flow model has predicted a value of $55,000 Bitcoin at the end of May 2020 which is less than 30 days away, and that event is also looking unrealistic.    

The new PlanB model creator which belongs to statistics from BTConometrics.com but the mathematics stats has also been abandoned by the authors.  

S2F Alternative Bitcoin Rainbow Chart Sale Is On Fire

With the new price model of the author, Bitcoin is going to reach around $30,000 at the end of 2021. This sum is lower compared to SF2 estimate of $80,000. Even Eric Wall said that the S2F value rarely changes. 

Eric Wall offers several models that are useful to replace S2F models. As per Eric, the replacement model should be “Rainbow Chart” on Reddit.

With the Bitcoin Reddit Rainbow Chart Since 2014, Reddit users azop, an “OG” in the community of Bitcoin has been kept on posting the charts and updating each chart which can be beneficial for the BitCoin community, no incentives, no payment and that is why the chart is active.

Wall said, Rainbow chart is only using “just is” and “simplest approach” price trajectory from the last few years. 

Sometimes, less is more, and the Reddit Rainbow chart is holding all the previous and recent prices of models, including models that collapsed under $4,000 fit. 

Whenever you see any kind of stock-to-flow model and just think of why the price of Bitcoin is not respecting the scarcity valuation then there will be a clear signal that you have to start looking for some other model.


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