Russian Military Setting Up Blockchain Research Lab

The Russian government has sanctioned the development of a research lab dedicated to investigating new and protective uses of blockchain technology for military applications. Spearheaded by The Russian Ministry of Defense, the main responsibilities of this lab include finding cybersecurity solutions through blockchain technology. Aim is to determine whether blockchain technology can be used to identify cyber attacks and protect critical infrastructure from hackers and their nefarious activities.

A local Russian newspaper – Izvestia – reported the decision of integrating blockchain technology into better securing Russian servers and protecting digital information. The newspaper reported that though the lab is still under development, research has already started to explore possible military applications for blockchain technology.

The Russian military’s main aim is to integrate this technology to protect and defend the nation’s databases while also finding ways to make cyber attacks more traceable. Alexei Malanov – an antivirus expert at Kaspersky Labs – stated that the blockchain based platforms will allow one to “detect hidden traces of cyber attacks” using logs distributed to several devices”


Furthermore, the Russian military wants to protect “resources with access to the Internet which are used by various military and government departments since they are potentially vulnerable to hacker attacks”. The responsibilities of this venture include ensuring the protection of information and finding new solutions to strengthen digital practices in Russia.

NATO has already embarked on implementing blockchain technology to “protect financial information and logistics supply-chains”. Along with them, The Pentagon wants to proceed with creating “a system of transfer of documentation protected from hackers on the basis of blockchain technology and develop codes that the hackers will not be able to penetrate.”

The Russian government has chosen an inventive way of protecting their information, ensuring that cyber attackers and hackers can’t erase their traces, if they attempt any hacking attacks. It is clear that blockchain technology use-cases are being redefined daily, as different organizations and countries come up with novel methods to integrate this technology into securing their digital infrastructure.