Have A Look At Rundown of Google’s I/O 2018 Keynote

The CEO Sundar Pichai owned the stage while explaining what the company has been working on.

Here's the rundown of Google's 2018 I/O Keynote:

Android P 

Google says it's latest operating system is a “vision of AI at the core of the operating system.” Likely be launched later in the year, here are a few features provided for the OS.


The new shush mode feature in the Android P will help turn off all notifications, buzzes, sounds, and pings if you rest it on its screen. This feature is developed with an aim to make users more present in the meetings and times were checking the phone isn't the best thing to do. Calls from essential people will still go through.


The three buttons at the bottom of the operating system will be replaced by a single home button making the Google version of Android simpler. Then the company approaches it's access shortcuts which open to you the five apps the Operating system thinks you most likely want and product development. On the home button, swiping sideways will enable to scroll through all the apps you have open. A second swipe up will reveal all the apps on your phone.


Android will show you how often you are using specific apps in the app utility dashboard. This initiative is taken to help you stay mindful and understand how often you are with your phone, unlike the past when this was only used to indicate how much battery the apps consume. It will also set a reminder for you to take breaks from using apps.


Google says this new mode will help dissuade you from continuously using the phone in your bed past a certain hour by turning the phone's screen to greyscale. In case you are not sleepy, you can always turn off the feature.


Rotation lock is no more an on-or-off switch. Instead, you can now control when your phone screen rotates. A little icon will be shown to you giving you access to toggle rotation lock whether you want it off for this particular screen while it remains on in general.


Android will provide a better understanding of how you use your phone over time. It will now bring the actions you frequently do, around a given the time of day like going to a jog after office, or reading news in the morning, right from the launcher screen. When you tune into music through earphones, it will suggest you resume the album you were last listening to on your music app. The search bar in Google will also support diversified links to apps. Let's say you searched for a movie telling “A Quiet Place,” it will display an option to watch the trailer on YouTube, and provide you with a website to book the movie tickets, all of these right away from the search bar.

– Other features like Slices and Android P Beta are also included.

Source: Quartz