RollWorks Is A New Growth Platform Which Provide B2B Vendors

RollWorks An Introduction

RollWorks is an innovative cloud-based Account based B2B and ABM marketing growth platform which is designed by the AdRoll Group for the results-driven marketing. It is a reliable marketing solution that helps the marketers which make more meaningful connections with the prospective customers, whenever they are online. The platform optimizes the well-known marketing tactics which include the triggered emails and social and display ads as well. It then synchronizes them together to drive revenue growth.

RollWorks revolutionizes lead generation and accelerates a business pipeline to multiple growths and deliver the faster Return on Investment. The platform has a spine that is anchored on the three core products which include the pipeline accelerator, growth multiplier, and lead locator. The three products integrate to form a comprehensive marketing solution that reveals new high-value targets, activate leads as customer quickly, and upsells the new opportunities swiftly.

Let us look at some of the features of RollWorks:

Better Return on Investment

RollWorks employs machine learning to automate and continuously improve results. Besides, it uses proven data science to pinpoint the high-value leads and accounts. This is coupled with more than ten years of performance marketing experience drawn from the AdRoll group. This means that the RollWorks is endowed with all the qualities which are needed to deliver the unrivaled performance to all your marketing efforts.

Target the right people

Although the account focused techniques optimize the marketing resource, its people who make buying decisions. This means to achieve optimal business growth; your marketing must target prospects with great relevance. RollWorks performance marketing reveals specific positions, intentions, and behaviors within the customer journey. It creates a significant suggestion based on the stage, opportunity, role and much more to drive the significant results.

Transparent reporting

Better still, transparency is an essential part of the RollWorks DNA. The platform offers detailed reports that can be accessed with the help of an API, dashboard or your CRM system. The report even imparts the meaningful B2B insights which also makes it easy to improve the performance and tie your marketing efforts to revenue both at the contact and account levels.

To Sum Up

Overall, it offers the great features to be used as a cloud based platform. It is powered by proprietary data and AI, Rollworks solutions address the needs of account-based organizations from those with best-in-class ABM programs to those just beginning their exploration.