Roll-Royce Explains How AI Robot Bugs as the Future of Engine Maintenance

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Rolls -Royce is known for its cutting-edge technologies. They deliver cleanest, safest, and competitive solutions to meet vital power needs. Nowadays, the top leading companies have been undertaking several projects to align future technologies. Almost the self-driving startups were set to transform the automobile industry. Rolls -Royce is a leading company which manufactures premium Automaker, and Aeroplane engine manufacturer. Most recently they have made headlines about demonstrating and showcasing the future of engine maintenance at Farnborough airshow.

Rolls -Royce has demonstrated a compelling vision upon how robotics are used to revolutionize the future of engine maintenance. Bring these types of robots beings vision to life. This company has teamed up with the University of Nottingham and Harvard. Rolls-Royce discusses a wide range of potential future technologies.

The snake robots work by the engine just like an endoscope. Even collaborative swarm robots were capable of crawling through insides of an engine. Their company has revealed a cockroach-like minute robotic snake. These robotic snakes work to inspect the interior components of an Aeroplanes engine without detaching them.

The groundbreaking technology is in the stages of theoretical. They have to implement. Currently, Rolls-Royce is working upon little robots that can telecast live video feed of an engine's interior by using tiny cameras.

Swarm Robots

Swarm robots are also known as miniature robots. Each robot is around 10mm in diameter. These swarm robots were deposited in the exact center of an engine. A snake robot will perform the actual inspection around hard reaching surfaces by crawling on the engine. This robot will carry small cameras that provide live video feedback to the operator. It allows operator for visual inspection of the engine.  You don't have to remove any engine from the aircraft. It can save time and energy.

Inspect Robots

Inspect robots is a network of periscopes that permanently enables for inspecting its surrounding areas. These periscope cameras will spot by reporting the conditions. These robots were pencil-sized, which protects from the extreme heat that is generated within the engine. They would collect the complete visual data by comparing with today's engines according to their engine health monitoring systems.

Remote Boreblending Robots

Remote boreblending robots is a team from Rolls-Royce and the University of Nottingham. They are working together to develop a robotic boreblending machine. Expert engineers can remotely control this machine. By using these remote boreblending robots, it has become so easy for doing complicated tasks like repairing damaged compressor blades by using lasers. One of the pro features of this is, You don't need an expert. The local teams will install the tool in the engine, which vastly reduces the time required for it.


A flare is a pair of snake robots that are flexible enough to travel into an engine. They are just like an endoscope. It is a partnership project between Rolls-Royce, University of Nottingham & Metallisation.

The vice president of Rolls-Royce said: the advancements which we are making in robotics brings intelligent engine vision to everyone's life. Company has already invested $1.4 billion on research and Development. Rolls-Royce has customers all across the globe all around 150 countries.


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